Possible records to be broken this year

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Which records will fall

  1. Brett Favre breaking Marinos career passing yards

  2. Adrian Peterson breaks Dickerson's rookie rushing yards

  3. Tom Brady breaks Mannings single season TD mark

  4. Tom Brady breaks Marino single season yardage mark

  5. Randy Moss breaks Rice's single season TD mark

  6. Bironas breaks Rackers single season fg mark

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  1. Ketch

    Ketch New Member

    There are a number of records that could fall in the NFL this year. Take the poll and vote for as many as you like.

    The potential records

    Brett Favre (GB) chasing Marino. Favre has 60,912 career yards passing, Dan Mario is the career leader with 61,361 yards

    Adrian Peterson (MN) chasing Eric Dickerson. AP has 1197 yards rushing this year. Dickerson set the NFL for a rookie with 1808. Peterson needs to average 153 yds/game to get the 611 yards he needs to break the record.

    Tom Brady (NE) chasing Peyton Manning. Tom Brady has 41 TD's this season compared to Mannings 49 in 2004.

    Tom Brady (NE) chasing Dan Marino. Tom Brady has 3696 yards passing this season. Marino had 5,084 yards in 1984. Brady is averaging 308 per game this year and would need to average 348 over his next 4 to get this record.

    Randy Moss (NE) chasing Jerry Rice. Randy has 17 TD's this season (tied with 2 other season as his career high). Jerry Rice had 22 TD's in 1987. Weather could become a factor since the Pats play the next 3 games at home and end the season at the Giants.

    Rob Bironas (TN) chasing Neil Rackers. Rob Bironas has 26 fg's this season. Rackers had 40 in 2005. Bironas set the single game record with 8 in week 7 of this year.
  2. Little Luey

    Little Luey New Member

    I believe Farve will break Marino's record for yards and AP will also break the yards record.
    I also think think there is good chance to see an undefeated team for the season and a winless team for the season. Miami just has no life and NE is kicking everyones butt.