portable tackle and bait tank bucket

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    this is a portable bait tank/tackle box perfect for dead/live bait for catfishing.

    i took a 5 gallon bucket from work and cleaned it well.

    went to wal-mart and picked up a 2 d-cell portable air pump available in the fishing section for $6. i cut a small slit into the rim of bucket for the metal clip on the pump to be tightly slipped through. you will have to bend it i bit.

    then drilled a whole next to the air nozzle on the pump through bucket the same size as the air tubing supplied with the pump. i ran the line through the bucket and attached the air stone that came with pump. then wrap the small pencil lead strip sullpied with pump at the stone around line. keeps it at the bottom.

    i took some 3m marine sil/ adh and sealed the clip and line on both sides. caulk will also work.

    i then placed the eliminator lid from catfish connection ($4.35) on to the bucket. it has 3 tackle compartments and 1 bucket access too. i put sinkers swivels and circle hooks in them along with a spare set of batteries and a spare air stone available at wal-mart in the aquarium section or any pet store. thats all ill need to catch me some cats. :D