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portable areator

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With all the hot weather we are having it has been hard to keep bait alive.
I have a portable areator that is very loud,drive you nuts loud.I been thinking
there has to be a way to quiet it down,so i took a 2.7lb folgers plastic coffee
can,put a hole in the bottom of it then put the air hose thru and sealed it with
silicone.Leave enough hose in the can so your areator can stand upright inside
wrap areator with carpet,all it will hold.Then cut a round peice to fit inside of
container,put a small hole in it so you can turn it on and off,put a small hole
in the lid so it can get air.Attach lid and allow 24 hr for silicone to dry.You
can use it in your bait container and you can hardly tell its running,set it in
your live well and you cant hear it run.Its cheap to do and will help keep your
bait and your big catch alive. :)
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All of the battery powered units that I've had are kind of loud. I bought a 12 volt model that is quiet as can be. When you need to use it away from a vehicle, either a jump pack or a small 12 volt battery available from electronic supply houses work equally as well. It has been the best aerator I;ve ever had.
For just a bait bucket, I've had good luck with the Magic Aerobait Quiet Air. It runs forever off 1 D battery, the case is sealed up really well, and it's MUCH MUCH quieter than others I've tried. And I've tried a bunch. I got mine at a local shop for about $11, but Basspro has them too.


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To keep a big mess of bluegill alive, I use a small bilge pump with the outlet hose running to a 18 inch piece of PVC pipe with with a cap on the end. Drill 1/4 inch holes about every inch of the pipe. Mount your pump a couple inches from the bottom (to keep the pump from getting clogged) of a large cooler and mount the PVC pipe on the inside as close to the top as possible with the holes pointed down. This system will keep your Gills lively for a week or so, just throw a hand full of ice in there from time to time so the water dont get too hot. We got ours rigged up with allagator clamps so we can use it anywhere.
Thanks for the info,I think the 12 volt sounds like the way to go.I will be ordering one today.The one i put together was something i needed quick.
The areator was the best $20.00 I have spent in a while. It kept my bait alive for over 8 hrs of fishing. I say about 1-2 would die every , maybe every two hours. Just keep it out of the sun and cool. After we were done, my brother, uncle and cousin all went out and bought one the next day. My cousin bought one like 2 hours after we left. I suggest everyone getting one, I will never get bait without one again. It is awesome!! You can get ones for as little as $6.00 to $7.00 dollars, mine was around $20.00, it came with a stone for the end of the hose, for better distribution. I can also adjust the air-flow. It is also small and light enough that I can fit it in my pocket if I wanted to.
just wanted to say,i ordered the 12volt areator.also the one i put in the plastic coffee container,i can keep it on hand for my aquarium in case we
lose power in a storm.
I bought a 12 volt at wally world on sale for 8 bucks put in a coller ran i battrie to it keep my bait lively all night with no problum.
I use a cooler with a 12volt aerator. When at home I plug it into a DC power converter and into a 110 outlet. When transporting in a vehicle I can plug it into the cigarette lighter and when I get it to bank or boat I use a heavy duty Vector Jumpstart pack to power it. I have to change the water and clean the aerator filter every few days, keep them cool and feed them when I change the water. I have two 5 gallon buckets to take care of them. One 5 gallon bucket is for feeding them when I change the water and the other has holes drilled through the bottom and sides. After the goldfish or gills have eaten I pour them from a 5 gallon bucket into the 5 gallon bucket with holes and let it drain, then pour them into the cooler with clean and cool fresh water. I can keep 2 dozen gills or goldfish alive forever but it does take some work. I can't wait to get my chest freezer bait tank finished so there will be much less maintenance and I can keep alot more baitfish onhand. Here are some photos of my setup. Abu
Photo Of Cooler with Baitfish

DC/AC Power Converter

Jumpstart Pack

12 Volt Aerator
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Abu, that is the system that I use also.
It even keeps shad alive!
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