population management of feeder fish

Discussion in 'Pond Fishing' started by rcbbracing, May 1, 2009.

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    Okay we built a pond last fall at our place...its only about 1/4 acre pond and only about 7 ft deep in the deepest point...we put about 30 bass and 6 of em are like 24 inches and like 6 lbs....We also put in about 300 creek chubs and about 175 bluegills....only issue is the only bluegills we catch are like 10 inches long...i dont think there are any little ones left! If we go out with bass minnow or creek chubs under a bobber for bait we just slay them! are they that hungry ya think? Just curious how much you guys thought bass like that would eat? I dont want them to run out of a food source!thanks!
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    you have breader size gills and those breader sized bass- after the spawn you'll have fry galore... I wouldnt worry too much, it'll balance out in a couple years. After this spawn though, you might think seriously about using up all but say, 10 or 20 of those big gills for flattie bait- to spare your fry in that little pond. Leave the big cats out for a couple years...