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  1. TX Fisherman

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    ok i have tried to use poppers at all times of the day, all kinds of wind, and all different roughness of water, yet i have never caught a bass on a popper, any suggestions
  2. dankitch

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    I have had my best luck with popers in the late afternoon. If there is little to no wind slow the popper down. The more wind the more or faster you want to 'pop' it.

  3. derbycitycatman

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    Poppers are my first or second favorite way to b@ss fish. I think they are best in early spring and then in early morning, just seem to catch more then. I like a popper with a white skirt, feathers I think are best. I also like the ones with rattles in them, let that rattle work. When I cast I let it sit till the ripples stop, Ive missed many fish because I jerked too soon. Same goes for after you twitch it, let it sit for a minute and let the rattle work. My favorite popper so far has to be the BPS baby bass popper with the white feathers for a skirt. I caught my biggest bass last year on it, about 5 pounds. I think they work best when Bass are shallow so you can just bug the crap out of them with it.
  4. catfish1516

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    I love poppers, evrytime i hook a bass it scares the *%$# out of me because they just explode on top of it. What i do is just jerk the popper violently across the water.
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    I've never had much luck with poppers. But I love throwing Baby Torpedo as the sun falls.
  6. Ice-Berg

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    I don't really use them for bass, but if you know a good bluegill hole, cast a cattapiller or grasshopper popper in the deeper water. And they work great for large bluegill.
  7. Ahquabi_Master

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    Poppers are my favorite lure to use for bass. I use tons of different kinds but don't let them get too big unless you know there are big bass in the waters you are fishing.
    The best times to use them are probably right as the sun is showing it's first and last light. However, I will use poppers if nothing else is working during the day. During the day you'll need to get a real good cast, far away from you so that the fish don't get spooked. Make sure this is real close to shore too, and just twitch it.
    There are different methods of popping them toward shore. You can let it sit for about 5 seconds after you cast then start popping it every second. I mainly let it sit for about five seconds then lightly twitch it once. After that I pop it 3 times in pretty close increments, the pause for about three seconds. then repeat till I get the lure back.
    I learned this all from experience so go out there and experiment. You might find your own methods that you can share with others.
  8. Mickey

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    I use the Magnum Pop-R in the color of Blue Top/ Silver Bottom. I fish it with a candice and it catches lots of bass. I fish this in late spring into fall. I would not be without this one. It can be purchased at most sporting goods stores also Bass pro. Be specfic on size and color.
  9. peewee williams

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    It may not be your bait.You may or may not learn to catch fish on them. We are all different with different gifts.You will see people use methods that will never be successful for you and vice verser.You may or may not learn to catch bass on poppers by my age (61).Use what works for you.I just gave my grandson my large tackle box full of plastic worms.I spent many wonderful hours with others,while they Bass fished with my worms and other tackle.I never learned to catch much of anything on them.Also never cared for Bass,to catch or to eat.I still had many wonderful hours fishing with people that I love and some of my "Best" days,I never touched a pole.The fun in fishing is not in catching fish,but in "Who catches them".Some go through life and never learn this.I love you brother.peewee-williams

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    i have had the most luck fishing the poper slow, from when it hit the water i let it set for a bout 30 seconds and then just baraly twitch it just so it makes a distubance on the water. i have caught so many bass doing this techniuqe. but also you can fish it fast aspecialy when they are bustin shad on the surface.