POP-UP Jug/Boblines for Catfishing

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    Original post made by Tony Letson(Frosty Whiskers) on April 27, 2003

    Darn I lost another jug!!! Ever find yourself saying that? And then its found 2-5 days later. The worse part is that the guy who found the thing was seen bragging about taking a trophy cat from a jug that he saw submerged about a foot or two under the surface in 27 feet of water.

    Whats the biggest cause of lost jugs? From what I'm reading on the board, its the fish went deeper than the amount of line you had attached to your jug rig.

    After reading several articles on jugging. I found that there are noodle jugs, juggless jugs, jugs with silicone in them. But unless I'm blind, I haven't heard of a POP-UP Jugline.

    The principle behind a POP-UP jug is simple. When that fish takes what you have under the water the exerted pressure against the primary float becomes to great and causes it to break away from the rig and go to the surface. I know that it sounds a bit odd, but the idea is really sound. Oh shoot I didn't offer that the primary float is attached to the rig with an additional length of that stuff called rope.

    I must confess, Jackies jugless jug was my inspiration in creating this setup. His design is absolutely masterfull. Well enough of shoveling it. Jackie isn't a member anymore, but his ideas are though.

    Well my Pop-Up jug won't win any beauty contests, or a designer's trophy, but it will elliminate jug loss, or at least reduce the loss..

    When I was thinking of how to design a thing that would make jug retrieval easier, this just went !POW! in my head. So here it is, the finished product, assembled and secured.

    Below is a photo showing the material and tools that I used to create this Jugline. I think that you could possibly get by without the needlenose pliers, but a stout heavy duty plier is a must, and the wiring tool served its purpose very well. Oh yea, when a Texas country boy says heavy duty plier, the fencing plier comes to mind. You can hammer, pick, cut, crimp, stretch, and beat the stew outa most snakes, and ugly lizards with a solid pair of fencing pliers.
    If you look at the picture, you'll get the jist of what you need to make this thing work for ya.
    except for the drill. Sorry, if I didn't make a mistake then it would be perfect. You need a drill girls and guys.

    The hardest part of this whole operation is the acquiring of the materials and making that 10 gauge wire look the way it does in the picture. Just so ya know, that stuff is available to everyone in the Good Ole U.S.A.. Them things that we hang our clothes on is made from 10 gauge wire. You'll need a length of maybe 8 inches of wire. What you want is a thing that looks like a slaughter house hook. Thats 2 hooks with an eye in the middle. I don't know if I can explain how to, but I'll try and get ya'll through it. Using your heavy duty plier, grasp the last 1/4 inch of wire, bending it to a right angle. Do the same with the other side. now ya hafta find some middle ground on that wireso now measure and mark the mid point of the wire. At the mid point bend the wire around your plierkeeping a firm hold of the middle with your plier. When you have crossed the wire with each end you have now created the eye. Now you'll want to bend the wire at a 90 degree angle equal distance from the eye to create a bar with eye that is less than, barely, 2 in across. what you should have at this point should look like that thing in the picture. 2 Hooks on a hanger with an eye in the middle.

    I hope that made sense folks. Next, using the drill that I didn't put in the picture, drill holes opposite one another and 1 to 1 1/2 inches from the end of only one end of the PVC. The hole should only be large enough to allow 10 gauge wire through it. Now, using the drill and bit, drill a hole center of the lid on that bottle. If you did that without pokin yerself in the hand, you done better than me. My right hand looks like someone shot it with a load of 7 1/2 bird shot. Next time I'll use yer hand, okay.
    Next thing is to measure yer rope. I cut my lengths at 12 and 24 ft. Thats 2 pieces of rope, one is 12 and the other is 24 ft. I choose those nubers cause, the average bob line, sorry jugline is 25 ft long. I figure if anothe 12 ft don't do the trick, you just S.O.L. , That stands for .....sorry outa luck. Thought I'd say a dirty word, didn't ya? No I ain't a squirrelly, I'm a Pile-a-Dung, I think.

    Okay everyone say this with me: Over, under, around, and thru, make three loops instead of two. If you can memorize that, you'll always be able to tie a rolling hitch, or midshipman's hitch.

    This is the knot that I will tie the top half line to the hook hanger with. one loop to each side of the eye and the third in thru the eye and into the cross hoop. the bottom half line is tied direct to the eye itself using which ever knot you prefer. I used a 3 loop cinch knot.
    next run the top line thru the bottle cap and tie an improved common knot. This knot creates a larger surface area. secure the cap to the bottle run the bottom line thru the PVC pipe. At this point secure the hooks into the holes drilled, making sure that they are pointing up to the bottle intead of away from. Now you have to grab the tips of the hanger, thru the PVC, with the wire tool, bending the tips to the opposite end of the PVC pipe. This isn't easy, but must be done. Insert the styrofoam into the PVC Tube from the end opposite the bottle. Be sure to allow the line to extend thru the center of the area you're working with. Using your index finger, wrap the line/rope around your finger from the PVC to the bottle. Carefully slip the rope from your finger and insert into the tube, followed by the neck and cap of the bottle. secure the bottle in place with the rubber band, by clipping the band to the hook tip, and stretching it over the wedge of the bottle to the other hook tip. The POP-Up is now in place. Tie the weight that you wish to use at the base of the bottom line. Next secure the hooks that you'll use to the line in accordance with your states fish and game regulations. Wrap the line around the exterior of the PVC Tube. For a little additional help in monitoring fish activity on your jug/bobline place an additional rubber band around the PVC Tube and slip a loop of the line into this area. This will cause the bobline to lie flat in the water. When a fish takes the bait, the line will slip clear causing the bob to stand up on end. If the fish sounds deeper than the bottom line, the bob will go under. The amount of pressure thats exerted will cause the band to break allowing the POP-Up to release. Below is an exploded view of the completed POP-Up Jug/Bobline.