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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by FishMan, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. FishMan

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    I am looking for a pop up camper, must be in good shape, fair price. I will travel for the right deal and will show up ready to buy. I will be camping by myself most of the time and sometimes one other person.

    can someone tell me how involved is the set up on a pop up. can one person do it ? How long does it take ?
  2. laidbck111

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    I have had one in the past and it was very easy to set up. One person can do it. I would park as level as I could and use the hydrolic jacks on the front to level it pop a couple of latches and locks and the top pops up and open. The only problem I ever had was canvas would rot over time but that ws to be expected.

  3. bud1110

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    East Texas

    I used to own a pop up camper and I will tell you they are work to get setup, at least mine was. I had to jack up the camper and put stands under it, as there wasn't any self levelers on it. That took awhile trying to get the camper level.

    Then the fun part of pulling out the slides, and putting the canvas around the pullout's, and hooking up the braces for it. Then running tarps around from the camper for shade and wet weather. Mine didn't have a awning. Then cranking up the top, and attaching the canvas to the door section...

    Oh yea, i had lots of fun setting up my pop up. It took me about an hour to get everything setup and ready to use. I won't be buying another one, as they are just way too much work to setup. and take back down.

    But yes, one man can set it up just fine...The newer models might be easier to set up, but mine was an older model, and it was work setting it up...