Pop Pop and The Roundhill

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  1. pop pop

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    Lake Green
    Roundhill invited me down for a few days of hanging out, fun and a little fishing. Well ya'll know I love that stuff. So we headed down Sun night. On Monday Ron decided to teach me some things about Moultrie and we rode and studied the Map and sonar for hours as he shared lots of info.:big_smile: Did a little fishing too and caught some nice cats from 8 to 15 lbs. On Tues we catch some more cats in the 8 to 15 lb range and today I acted as 1st mate on his guide party with Foxhound:big_smile:.
    I really had a great time Roundnator.:wink: I got to meet Rivercatsc and Foxhound, Two outstanding fisherman from down that way and had lots of fun and laughs.
    It was an honor and a privledge to pal with one of the top Cat-fisherman and guides in the country.
  2. Bill in SC

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    South Caro
    Sounds like you had a great time in the company of great people!! Wish I coulda been there! :sad2::wink::big_smile:

    BB in SC

  3. Patmansc

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    I'm sure that between you and the Roundhill there's no telling how much a'hootin & a'hollerin was going on :big_smile: I bet'cha it was like a Tourette's convention :crazy::eek:oooh::roll_eyes:
  4. Foxhound

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    We had a blast fishing with Roundhill and Pop Pop yesterday and ended up with some really nice Lake Moultrie blues including one that was bumping 30 lbs. As we speak that blue is in the process of becoming a pot of Icemans famous catfish stew !!!! There was no shortage of joking and ribbing each other all day long as Capt Ron tried to mold Pop Pop into a top notch first mate. As usual, the trip was very rewarding with some great laughter and good friendship with those big blues being a added bonus !!!! Thanks again guys and cant wait till next time !!! Pop Pop says that first mate stuff is hard work and thinks he will just become a catfish consultant !!!!!!!
  5. preacherfisherman

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    I'm glad all you'll had so much fun, it kinda makes me jealous that I had to work, but soon I can get back out there and put the smackdown on some catfish myself.
  6. roundhill

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    the first word it is my pleasure to fish with some of the best people in or on the boc world pop pop you are always welcome just give me a call an foxhound you have been a good friend for a long time an as a client even better any time u want to go give the fat man a call im available and one more time thank you the roundhill
  7. rivercatsc

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    South Caro
    Good too see both of ya at the lake. Hate we didnt get to hang out more but theres always next time. Congrats on the fishing and fun times.
  8. Sunbird

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    Sandy Run,
    Glad ya'll had so much fun!
    Some of us have real jobs! :confused2:
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    Man, Roundhill reading all these great post about all the fish & fun u guys are having gets me jack up. Cant wait until the 31 to get there and go fishing with u, the heck with Nanny patrol i'm headed down right now. lol :smile2::smile2::smile2: