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Poor JW got beat again!!!

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Our son Robert (aka hammerhead) caught a nice 24lb blue last night. This was his biggest fish ever :) . I was so happy for him, and poor JW didn't catch anything last night :crying: , but he was just as proud for him as I was.

Below is a picture of this fish he is so proud of: :D


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Congrats on the great blue cat!!! JW just hang in there everything will be ok....LOL
Angel, tell him great catch!
Is JW gettin that "Dh sickness"? Where his fishin partners always out fish him?
LOL Happens to me a lot too!
Good job and thanks for the pic. Nice Nice!
Angelcat, hammerhead did good! That's a great blue.Tell J.W. he's just going to have to try harder.
Hammerhead congrats on the big Blue.

Hey I think I"ve got the DH sickness
I couldn't have been more proud if I caught it myself!!! I think he is starting to get a little more patient when he is fishing and it is paying off good.

Hey Keith is there anything you can take for this (DH syndrome) stuff it's got a holt of me pretty good,LMAO!!! :eek:
:0a5: "That's a nice one Hammerhead"! "Way To Go"! :D

OK J. W. - I know that your are not going to let them have all of the fun? - :confused:

You can show them how it really done anytime now - (come on Buddy you can do it, I know that you can .) :)

Take It Easy,
Bert :cool:
Yeah, I'm just holding back to make them feel good,LMAO!!! Yeah Right!!!

I have a good feeling about my next big one, The feeling that I am going to be to old to land it when it happens,LOL!!! :eek: :eek:
Way to go Hammerhead!!!!!!!! Hey J.W what is that you do while you're out there?I'm sure Angelcat and Hammerhead are greatful to you for being such a good netman :D :D :D .Just ribbing you dude,I know how it is to do the family thing.Getting that fish big cat ain't no different than shooting that frist big buck,we'll one difference,I know you CPRed him.Great job Fisher Family keep the reports coming :D
Sounds like the action is picking up down there, ok J.W. its your
It happened again :cursing: This is realy starting to get old, I am seriously thinking about trading in my rods for a bigger dip net,LMAO!!! Just look at the picture below and you will see why :0a35:
very nice fish. catch a big one for me :)
Wow! Those are great looking fish! Way to go, you two. Try not too rub it in too much.

J.W. your time is coming, but fish like those will be awful hard to beat. Think you can do it? Hehe.
Thanks ya'll for your comments on the fish we caught, but we are still waiting for JW to catch up :rolleyes: LOL!!! I thought if I stayed home tonight that he will have a chance to get a big one, but I was wrong ;) , he only caught a 7 pounder and that was it. So I guess I have to stay home again the next time too, :crying: , so JW can try again, LOL!!! This is going to be his last chance, because I'm going then... :p
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