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    Am new to pontoon ownership.:embarassed: Just purchased a Sweet Water 2586 DF with 90 hp Suzuki 4 stroke. Need some information from the experienced.
    Anyone ever us the engine mount trolling motors. Do they work and did you like them or why did you not like them.
    Do you need trolling motor.
    Where can you mount batteries for trolling motor. Boat has hanging room and in back there is room for batteries and it is vented is this OK place.
    Any other pointers and do and don't of pontoons I would appreciate.
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    Mannford, Oklahoma
    JD: Just like any other topic you will get varying opinions on the necessity for a trolling motor on a pontoon boat. I do not have one on my pontoon because (a) I did not forsee any bass fishing or trolling and (b) I did not want the front deck cluttered with the mount. I do not remember even considering the "engine mounted trolling motors", I suspect they were too new and by far too expensive for me to even consider when I was buying my boat (if they were in production then). As for placement of your batteries the vented space you described should work. No matter where you put them make sure they are accessable for maintenance and charging.