Pontoon Boats

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by mwrmar4, May 11, 2006.

  1. mwrmar4

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    I see some of you fellas use pontoon boats...is that for stability or comfort or both? I live in St.Louis and would be fishing the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers most of the time with the occaisional trip to Mark Twain. Thanks.
  2. Doyle

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    Welcome to the BOC N/A , a lot of guys that have them swear by them, the room, the room, the room. When you can put an outhouse on your boat and walk around it .. it isn't bad:lol:

  3. loanwizard

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    Comfort comfort comfort! At the expense of anchoring. They are tough to hold and any wind is multiplied. You don't just drop anchor, you drop one anchor into the wind, back off it quartering at an angle away then drop your other anchor and see if they hold then fish away from your 300 feet of line. Other than that you cannot beat one. Mine has heat, a place for a bed, and a porta potty.
  4. trnsmsn

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    Missouri Originally Now I
    I Don't Own One But My Friend Rents Them On Lake Okeechobee And Let's Me Use Them When Available For Free.

    Like Shawn Said They Are As Comfortable As It Gets BUT When It's Windy, Look Out.,Elliot
  5. TOPS

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    My blood brother, which is a B.O.C. member, user name, m.a.p. and a B.O.C. member that I often fish with, user name Tinboat both have pontoon boats. I love to fish from them because of the comfort and the room. I like to take alot of gear and I just don't feel right when I load all my STUFF in someones boat. Those toons have the room to handle alot of items.

    You talk about hard to handle in the wind, What about drift fishing?, the toons seem to be the Ideal boat for this!
  6. tdfishhard

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    Charleroi, PA
    I have a 20' toon and I love it, very easy to move around and will hold lots of gear with out making it unstable. I do not have a problem anchoring it, I use a 20lb river anchor with 5ft of coated chain in the front, be sure to let enough rope out, than let the wind or current tighten the rope and drpo a 10 or 15lb bell anchor off the back. My boat never moves more than a foot or 2 from side to side
  7. BIGCAT GarryEads

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    Francisco Ind
    I have a 20'Tri toon.I love fishing off it
    with a 50HP. 4str on it.:big_smile:

    BIGCAT GarryEads
  8. Nobody Special

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    I had a 20' pontoon and liked everything about it but trailering it and the gas mileage. I kept mine at a local marina and that made it real nice just to drive down there and get on it and go. Problem was that the marina gas was pricy and the toon would get about 5 gallons to the mile. If you get one, a 4 stroke motor would probably help out a lot on the gas.
  9. YeeHaw

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    Quincy Illinois
    I've always wanted a Pontoon. Maybe when I get old and retire, i can get one. Maybe.
  10. Rockin' Blues

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    st.louis mo.
    i fished off of one last weekend at mark twain lake,i love the amount of room,the guy had an older 60 hp.merc,well lets just say it used an awful lot of gas,maybe because its an older engine.I have an 17 ft. bass boat wich is 100x better for getting in and out of the trees and manuverability,but I loved the comfort of the pontoon.
  11. beeheck

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    Iowa / Missouri
    I always wanted one, bought one and sold one.
    Nice for room when fishing, that's it.
    Pain in the bottom for anchoring, maneuvering, drifting, anchoring, and think about where your going to store/park it. I had a 24' and I'm telling you when you trying to figure out where your going to park it that is the biggest 24' you will ever see.
    Before you ask about drifting, I would compare it to a big balloon on the water, it goes where it blows.