Pontoon Boat Modification for Catfishing

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    Attached are before and after pictures of the latest modification I've made to the Toon, with the help of my fishing buddy Jerald (Catfish Quiver). The first pic is the underside of the deck showing the exposed cross members, which catch quite a bit of water and create resistance when underway. The second pic is after we installed a 4'X12'X3/32" sheet of aluminum which sheds the bow wave. By not having to push against the water hitting the cross members, it increased my speed from 23 to 24+ MPH at the same tach speed. I haven't had it on long enough to check my mileage yet, I'm fairly confident this should improve too. It may not be much, but any little bit will help.
    I installed a piece of 1 1/2" X 1 1/2" aluminum angle across the leading edge, so no water would catch and pull on it, definitely wouldn't want it coming loose and getting sucked back to the lower unit, LOL. Also, being as the cross members are on 2ft centers, they're 2inches wide, I came up 2 inches short on the back end, so I bolted a 2 inch square piece of aluminum tube across the end crossmember to screw the end of the sheet to. I forgot to take a pic before we installed the sheet.