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Pond Test #2

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i got some buddies that Work at a bait store near lake st marys in ohio and wanted try using Live Creak Chubs at my pond.... i tried using a bobber and didnt get a bite for 45mins or then i was like ok well ill tightline it. after about 10mins of tightling with 2 live chubs on the line somethin about threw my pole in the water...caught a 6lb catfish out of my pond that is pretty big becuase we only catch the small 1 to 2lb heres the picture of it i was proud to catch one like this out of my pond....will use live bait agian and post my progress..
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Nice fish Nate, try a live gill, you'll catch the biggest cat in the pond I guarantee it. I love a good Catfight.
Hey thanks for replying didnt know if anyone sall the post! haha but yeah how big of gill should i use and how should i rig it up?

this is a community pond and some of the guys said they went to a paylake
and brought the fish back and released them and they said they released like 3-30lbs, 2-40lbs so i dunno if its a lie...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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