Pond Structure?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Ohio_River_Rat, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. Ohio_River_Rat

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    Charlestown, Indiana
    I have about a 1 1/2 acre pond with farm & river channels, river flatheads and a few blues. We dug a 3 acre pond next to it. I have some structure in the old one but i havent put any structure in the new one. Does anybody have any suggestions for good structure to add? I have a 6 ft long culvert pipe im gonna put in.
  2. brian sax

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    shawnee kansas
    i saw on TV that people were putting those wood crates in there with cinder blocks and making little shelters. they also just got a bunch of big logs and put them in there connected to each other. Plus after Christmas throw your tree down in there. I would just throw a bunch of brush down in there, but remember to anchor it down so it don't move on ya. just remember where u put the structure. i have never built a pond but this is what i saw on TV.

  3. Katmaster Jr.

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    I've got a pond beside my house with alot of channel cats, a couple blues, a ton of crappie, and bass, etc. And My neighbor built it, he put a few christmas trees in there, and one of those pipes like your talking about which is what the catfish seem to hang around the most. Also if you put alot of logs and stuff in there always remember where you put them. One thing you can do is tie a rope on-to the structure with a jug on the end of it, so you'll know exactly where the structure is.

    good luck :)
  4. oldnndway

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    How about old tires tied together with wire or cable and held down with scrap iron or cinder blocks.

    Bass fishers make little "forests" with stakes drove in the bottom.
    The fish will locate around pretty much anything.
  5. bearcat

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    when adding structure. Dont forget that during the summer water will stratify. Cold on the bottom hot on top. Cold bottom water will have little or no oxygen. So keep in mind how deep you put the structure. You will need to vary the depth so as to provide cover all year long.
  6. on_the_fly

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    we have made structure out of PVC pipes make any kind of desine you want with the connections avalable you have 90's an y's 1,1.5,2,4,6,8 inch pipe an conectors to join diferent sizes. you can make it a tall or as wide as you want an PVC is all farly cheap. what we did is deside on what we wanted it to look like an went from there. we did fill the bottom piece with concret but if you dont want to go that rout you could always use blocks to add into you build up an also if you bear in mind PVC will last forever it wont rot out on you in a few years
  7. CJ21

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    trees, rocks, or any type of struce!