Pond action today!!!

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    Well, I went fishing with my dad, sister and adopted brother today. First we went over to Lake Cherrywood. My sister caught one good-sized bream and gave it to some kids who weren't having any luck. Stayed there from about 0830-1100. Then we went to eat at Just Like Mom's. Then I had to drive my sister back home so she could fill out some paperwork for a job she applied for. Then I went over to Sherwood Pond and met my dad and my brother there. They said they hadn't caught anything and I picked a spot. I used two twenty pound test lines with #8 treble hooks, one on my Rhino Spincaster and the second on my Shakespeare Tiger, both with liver and cheese bait (my dad has had success there with liver and cheese). Hadn't had the second line out more than five minutes and I got my first strike! I reeled it in-got a one pound channel cat! Okay, so it's big enough to keep. I baited the Tiger up again and not more than a minute after that I got a second strike! This was a fingerling, about the size of the palm of my hand, so I had to throw it back. I baited up again. About five minutes after that I got a THIRD strike...this one was another fingerling, about half the size of the first fingerling, so I had to throw that one back. Baited it up and cast it and the Rhino almost flew out of its holder (ground was very soft there) so I grabbed it and reeled in ANOTHER one pound channel cat!:cool2:

    I think I found a honey hole!

    Okay so they're not big and I had to throw two of them back. But the important thing is I got to spend time with my family. Having that many strikes, two of them being keepers and ALL of them being Mr Whiskers, I consider today a success!:cool2:

    And my brother did the best of all...he thought he caught a big fish when we were at the pond and what did he get? A bream the size of my pinky.:eek:oooh:
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    to some size is everthang but to me having a good time is more important esspecialy if family is involved

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    spending the day with family out weighs the fish any day