Pomona Spillway and Boatramp

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    Night before last I fished Pomona by the boat ramp, management park I believe its called. I tried perch and bullhead from about 3 am till about 8 and had no luck at all. Last night tried the spillway, which was a first for me, other than Bagnell Dam which is alot different than Pomona's spillway. I was using bullhead and perch. Started out up on the spillway, and they were letting quite a bit of water out. Tried that for a couple hours with no luck, so decided I would try out past the spillway a little. When I got to where the walls of the spillway ended, i noticed shad that were kind of dazed acting "floating" semi- swimming, like they had came through the spillway maybe, not sure. I thought I was on to something and put one on a hook and cast him just past the end of the wall. After sitting there 20 minutes or so I had collected a couple more of the shad, so I was going to add them to the one already out. That was snag one, which I was lucky and got freed up. After about 3 hours, 3 hooks, 3 sinkers and not a bite I called it quits. Do you guys fish up in the spillway, or farther away from it when they are letting out a fair amount of water? Looks like there would be some decent fish up in there-- just not my night I guess.
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    George I'm not sure how much they are letting out at Pomona,but never hurts to try behind the wing walls.

    But down stream there is a rock jetty right in the middle that when they are letting good water out can be good.Fish above and below it I have seen some big fish caught there.You can drive down to it on the north side.

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    I'm not a spillway guy myself, but, when I am getting alot of snags I use a long leader(30 in) with a bobber anout 10 inches from the hook.