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    So yesterday I needed a breath of fresh air and sunlight, after spending so many hours in hospital waiting rooms and cafeteria and at the bedside... so did my wife.

    We walked outside the building to stretch and talk.

    On the curb right next to the street was a young parakeet. The lil blue-headed black-striped ones with the yellow on the wings and the downturned beak! IN GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN!

    So I got on one knee and inched over to him talking softly. He walked over and began pinching my finger real lightly with his beak. Some people refer to that as "kissing", but it is an indicator that the bird was at one point hand fed, and I sorta knew to look for that.

    Anyhow I tried to get him to hop onto my finger but he was not interested. he would stay close to my hand but would not get on and would walk off squawking when I tried to get a hand around him.

    Well lo and behold two doctors walked out of the building and asked if it was my bird. I told them no, but it surely will die if we dont get it indoors and it tries to survive beyond summer. They asked if I could catch it and I said "then where will we put it?". The one doc told me that the cockatiel from the hospice across the street died last month and if I could get it she would take it there where it would live as a therapy bird. I told her to gimme her lab coat and go get a box from the flower shop. She popped off her coat and I laid the coat over the bird and scooped it up, waited till she got back, deposited the in the box, and then she went on her way after thanking me.

    Strange... without the family of a patient setting their personal suffering aside for the aid of an animal the bird would have died. Without the handfed bird entertaining them, another patient may not smile that one extra time before their inevitable passing, and without the doctor setting her break aside, the bird would have suffered come fall and likely died of frost or starvation. Life is a cycle of sorts... and the ripples you make here can be a soothing rocking feeling for the other end of the lake or a torrent. The choice is yours.

    There is a little feel-good trifecta for ya!!! :cool2: :cool2: :smile2:
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    That was a great story Sal,you did a good thing by saving it.

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    Good Job, good man Sal. Makes me proud of you. I'm sure others will enjoy the bird.
    A good deed comes back around.
    I was going to bring this up in another thread on my story but here is good.
    I got a project going on. Trying to do some cleaning up and prepare a small cottage so maybe i can rent it. Got to move some fence and other stuff to get it ready.
    Had a trailer load of trash and stuff to take to dump. This Texas heat is something today, plus I move slow. LOL. Took me a while to unload and a few dizzy spells. LOL. On way back, bout 10 miles from town, I saw a good size man walking towards town.
    Big guy, sweat pouring off him. Now there aint nothing around and this was bout 2pm walking in the sun. Very hot. I could see him sweating, look like he was about to pass out, wet etc. Normally I dont stop much but I could tell he was just hopping for a ride. I pulled over with my dog ridding up front. Took him a while to get to truck. Told him I'd give him a ride if he didn't mind the dog. All he said was God Bless you sir. I was about to die, said dog is ok if you dont mind giving me a ride.. His stuff was broke down somewhere on
    a side road. Well I took him bout 20 miles to his house. He was talking all the way bout his yard and tree work and stuff, said If I ever needed anything let him know. He was still sweating when I got him to his house. Again he said thanks very much for ride, God Bless you , we couldn't shake hands cause I was holding my dog the whole time. She doesn't take to strangers. Anyway, I was glad to help him on this hot day. I couldn't leave him out there on the road like that . I dont think he would have made it walking in todays heat. he
    sure was happy for the ride.

    What comes around goes around.
    I can just about figure out anything needing done round my house. The cottage project. I went to Lowe's to get some price's on things for the project plus to look at the stuff and get some ideals. I can be slow at times but I get r done. I was scratching my head looking through parts boxes, trying to get the best looking cheapest way of this project going.
    This just dont happen everyday around here. A man standing there, walked up and said, looks like you need some help. He didn't work there, just waiting on an order. I jokingly explain what I was doing and just seeing what parts was available for ideals, price etc. for what I had in mind. . He showed me exactly what to do with what I already had, save money and make it look nice. Knew where everything I needed was at. Explain the whole thing, showed me a trick or two. Very nice man, help me get r done. I would of got r done anyway but he sure save me some time and money with his help and advice and some good ideals. I was glad he helped me out.

    Reading Sal's story and what happen today for me.
    Sure does make things look a little more positive than some of the other stuff I read in news paper and stuff.

    Bad as things are these days, good stuff still happens, still good people around and God Bless is still being said. :confused2:
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    Good story Sal! Your a Hero, bro!
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    Kudos to both Great people are hard to find so I am assuming that most of them are here at the BOC. Another example of the of the BOC helping out in ways beyond fishing. and the BOC getting help from strangers.
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    those are two great stories. Just goes to show that there is a few good people out there willing to help out a stranger. I'm a firm believer of what goes around comes around.