Polluted rivers

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  1. justwannano

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    SE Iowa
    I recieve the DNR weekly fishing report.
    Not really exciting reading here recently.
    They are saying that with all the pollution the water was so overwelming that the pollution is not a problem.The fish are safe to eat.
    I was kinda concerned about that.
    A friend planned a local fishing trip the second week in july waiting to let the polluted waters go by. I kinda invited myself along lol.

    I've been doing some minor stuff to the boat. I've primered the transom and planned to paint tomorrow so I need a couple of days for it to dry.
    Maybe I'll slip out Sunday weather permitting.

    have a good one
  2. 1sporticus

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    Hi Bob, hope things work out so you can go. I'm waiting on the river to open back up. I don't know what the pollution level of the river might be, but they are saying you should get a tetnus shot if you have an open sore, or you ingest any river water. I'm thinking this is standard procedure for all floods. Have a good day Andy

  3. lance

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    A tetnus shot is standard procedure . I've been praying for the people who have faced such mass distruction as well .As far as what I've read in ky if you only eat smaller fish and avoid frying USUALLY you reduce your risks greatly but not ALL waters fall under that catagory . It also depends on the level and types of contaminents