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Pole Holder & Setup

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A couple guys have asked about the pole holder and the setup on my profile photo.

Rod holder: This is rod holder holds 8 rods and mounts into a seat base “photo 1” When your done fishing all 8 rods lift right out using one hand. I lay mine on the floor when I trailer the boat “photo 2” You can mount a single or triple rod holder to the top of it. I picked it up at Cabela’s

Set up: The setup in my profile photo is my striper setup where I troll 8 rods using 4 planer boards.
My cat setup “photo 3” Inside pole 100’ straight back, next pole out 75’ off a planer board, next pole out 75’ off the side of the boat, and the next pole out is a down rod with light tackle with a Sabiki rig to catch bait while power drifting. Same on the other side for a total of 6 rods for cats and 2 rods for Sabiki rigs. Hope that helps someone.


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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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