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Pole Holder & Setup

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A couple guys have asked about the pole holder and the setup on my profile photo.

Rod holder: This is rod holder holds 8 rods and mounts into a seat base “photo 1” When your done fishing all 8 rods lift right out using one hand. I lay mine on the floor when I trailer the boat “photo 2” You can mount a single or triple rod holder to the top of it. I picked it up at Cabela’s

Set up: The setup in my profile photo is my striper setup where I troll 8 rods using 4 planer boards.
My cat setup “photo 3” Inside pole 100’ straight back, next pole out 75’ off a planer board, next pole out 75’ off the side of the boat, and the next pole out is a down rod with light tackle with a Sabiki rig to catch bait while power drifting. Same on the other side for a total of 6 rods for cats and 2 rods for Sabiki rigs. Hope that helps someone.


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Thats a great setup! For a while I've been thinking about getting my buddy to weld me a rod rack to put across the back of my boat for drifting, but this setup looks like it does the job, plus the 8-rod rod holder looks like a great design! It seems super convenient that it just fits in the seat base and you can remove it if you arent using it. Im gonna have to check in to Cabela's website and see if I can find something like this for my boat.
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