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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by smokey, Nov 3, 2009.

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    I play online poker just for green stamps you know. Last week I was in a turny and a pro was playing at my table. He made a bet I had 77 so I called . the flop came and it was 224 he bet I called again.The next card was turned a 2 Hot damn I have a boat agenst a pro. He went all in and I called faster then I knew i could move.He ended up with a higher pair and busted me. The next day I got an email from him, all it said was you have to have a better hand to call then to bet. I wont tell you who it was but I thought it was a really good tip.I just thought I would pass my tip along.
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    I use to play with some guys out here, and I made them believe a pair of 3s were the best hand in holdem....

    I drew a pair of 3's and went all in, everyone folded, I threw em face up. Later down the road I drew another pair of 3s, 2 more 3's flopped, another guy went all in with a full house...I called.... Again later on I drew another pair of 3's, bet heavy, 2 other people called rivered another 3 to beat a pair of Kings.....had a 3 and 7 bet heavy, 3 flopped, everyone folded, even the guy who was holding pocket aces....after that if I stayed in and a 3 hit the board, all I had to do was bet and the pot was mine...didnt even have to have a 3 :smile2: So the "PRO" needs to set at my table for awhile....