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Funny story last summer i took my unckle tom fishing and we caught a 12lb flathead during the day and he was hooked
so the next time the weather was right i took him again with me
he told we cant go anywhere there is poison ivy or oak
i said ok i know of a place that is bare and nothing but sand
who would have known that night that the wood we burned for our fire to keep the mosquitos away was full of poison something well uncle tom stood there letting the smoke hit him all night and well to make a long story short a day later he swelled up like nothing i have ever seen before his eyes swelled shut and he couldnt even close his hands
well needless to say he has never went fishing with me again
people always say how do you do it walk all over and not get it i say dont know lucky i guess
my son is the same way and we dont know why but every year someone goes fishing with me and then ends up with the stuff and then the question is
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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