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    Ok guys, heres my story.

    Back in Feb. I purchased a boat. Has a 80hp Mariner outboard on it. Ran like a bat out of hell, just had a bit of a high idle. So I took it to a local shop to have this corrected so i did not blow out the shaft. They tell me it's the carbs need rebuilt and a few other minor things. 500 bucks later I pick it up and go to put it in and the darn thing don't idle at all. So i take it back and they keep it for another week and tell me to come pick it up that it's runnin great now. I pick it up, drop it in, it starts right up, idles fine, drop it in gear, It dies. So I take it back again, they keep it a few days, get it back, It starts, idles, drop it in gear , motor around a little everything is great. Well when I give it throttle, it dies out! Everytime.

    So I take it back once more, he tells me he dosen't know whats up and he will have to put it on a dyno for another 50 bucks to figure it out. Well turns out they have it another week, he calls and tells me it's ready to go. Said that it was water in the gas and they ran their tank on the dyno with a load on it and it runs like new.

    So here I am, 500 bucks for a carb rebuild, 50 bucks for a dyno charge, over 100 dollars in gasoline going back and forth 30 miles each way in a v8, and the 13 gallons of gas that i drained from my tank that he said had water in it.

    Took it out sunday, SAME THING. What the hell!

    Took it home, put a brand new 6 gallon tank in it with six fresh gallons of gas, put it back in. SAME THING

    Now heres exactly what it's doing. It starts and idles fine, if I drop it in gear it wont idle, wants to die, unless I give it a lil throttle. Then I only get 1/4 of throttle before it dies. Now if I get it movin with 1/4 throttle and then cram it into gear, It will run wide open. I was able to get it going like that. ran 1 mile up river and one mile down, burned 5 1/2 gallons of gas.

    Now when I called this guy to tell him it's stil not right, he tells me that he can't believe I picked that boat up a month ago and just now ran it. RIVER CONDITIONS BUDDY! He pretty much told me it's my baby and there is nothing that he is going to be able to do.

    Now 2 questions. What could be going on with this motor?

    And what should I do about him trying to put it to me?

    Im at a loss right now.
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    Don't know whats wrong with it but obviously nether did the local shop. I'd document everything including dates etc. Send a certified letter asking for your money back less actual parts. Give him 10 days to respond. No response, file in small claims court. That's what it's for. It won't get your boat fixed but it may get some of your money back. May not. May be out your filing fee too. But it's worth a shot. Most people are intimidated by courts. In our county if you're incorporated you have to represented by a lawyer. So if he is it may be cheaper for him to settle up.

    These things can be hard to diagnose but telling you that you are on your own after spending that amount is BS.

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    You need to do a spark test and see if its fireing on all cylinders and what are the few other things that he said was wrong.
    His cutting you losse with an unfixed engine is a civil matter so you will have to file on himein small claims court for theft of services.
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    The fact that you waited a month to run your boat, is on his side.

    You must state that you used gas stabilizer, even if you didn't, and ran your engine every week, on the hose, to keep fresh gas in your carbs.

    He's the so called expert. You need to turn his expertise into his own ignorance.

    Any mention of a gas filter, in all this?