Pohick Bay 21 June 2009

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    I finally made it back from Iraq a few weeks ago, and only yesterday got to go fishing again. For Father's Day I got a new fish finder, which worked great. We didn't have a bad day, but we've also had better. Still having problems catching bait, though. I'll figure that out soon. It took me about 30 minutes to catch a few bait fish, just enough to fish for a few hours.

    We started with worms, which caught us a few small bass and a few cats. The biggest cat was about 3 pounds. We fished in about 6 feet of water, with tide coming in. Then we moved to the deeper water. The fish finder showed a lot of fish, but none were biting. There's a nice deep channel where Pohick Bay meets the Potomac, about 43 feet deep, depending on the tide.

    Most of our fishing was between 1700 and 2000. About 5 minutes before leaving, my buddy finally hooked into a blue about 14 pounds.

    I won't say the day was busted, but the boat was out for the first time in 6 months, and the fish finder worked great. The 14 pounder was nice too. We're looking forward to heading out again in the near future, since I have a few vacation days.
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    Check out this thread for a bait hole at the mouth of Pohick Bay. http://www.catfish1.com/forums/showthread.php?t=111280 That drop off at the channel marker is a great spot to fish. Move just a little downstream (say, 100 yards) and anchor in the shallow water and cast into the deep water at the drop. Use a good sized piece of bait or the little guys will drive you nuts, unless that's what you're after. Good luck and tight lines.