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  1. Angelkitty

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    Sheridan, Ar
    These are some poems that I liked. So I wanted to share them. If you have any you would like to share, Please do.

    Good Bye My Angel Dear
    My days draw long and weary
    when you're no longer near
    Confidence is filled with questions
    Strength replaced with fear

    The assuredness that I awake with each day
    Is no where to be found.
    As though my dreams and aspirations
    where buried under ground.

    I hear your voice being carried by wind
    Like your fingers through my hair.
    I close my eyes and remember your kiss
    And wish that you were there.

    So with nothing left but one thing to say
    To resolve my heartbreak here.
    Good-bye my darling and my love
    Good-bye my Angel Dear
  2. Mi11er

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    Independence, M
    Those are deep. Nice poems

  3. CuzICan

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    Fayetteville, A
    I just posted a reply in general on "just ramblin" about my son and his desire to sing "rap". He is actually very good and asked me to write 16 bars that he could write a response to and we could do together...I am including in this post...this is about our lives, and its true to form.

    Son Believe me when I say I tried to raise you right,
    The Good Lord knows we never got off light.
    This existence that we've carved was a he$$ of a fight.
    Now I gotta testify that I'm done with the strife!

    We kept hangin on though the road was long
    It's all out in the open now you're singin your songs.
    You found a niche in this world and it's where you belong--
    All that's left to do now Boy, is just stay strong

    My baby boyis now grown- You getting outta this trap.
    Make up the Hedge Be the MAN and Stand in the gap (from the book of Isiah)
    This charisma you possess is sure no mishap.
    It sho can't be denied when you slingin that rap.

    All I want from you now is to be yourself.
    You in the wrong if you try to copy somebody else.
    You got good blood running through them veins-
    You got dealt a bad hand but you have sustained.

    You bettah show this world that you not naive,
    Don't go around this earth with your heart on your sleeve.
    Show the lost ones out there what a real man can do.
    and don't doubt me for a second Son-- I love you!

    There's my sixteen now read between the lines
    Get the drift, understand, and be genuine.

    ***It's actually 20 bars but I'll cut something out.

    Written by Cher Fisher, Aug 30 2008.

    ***Added: He did not know what "wear your heart on sleeve meant and I had to explain it him...he loved that part.
  4. Angelkitty

    Angelkitty New Member

    Sheridan, Ar
    A new dawn emerges
    with its layers and layers
    of pink and yellows

    As the sun swallows up my
    Bedroom with satin rays of sunlight
    I wake...
    Sweaty and screaming
    foolish and alone
    and so I continue on...

    Living each day
    feeling his sweat...
    And hearing his heavy breath
    in the back of my mind
    everytime silence creeps up on me.

    Later I watch the sun, So naive
    Crawel under the horizon
    And I get restless as dusk approaches
    for I know that when my head hits
    that pillow.

    The fight begins
    and he always wins.

    Carring my innocence off
    holding it up to the moonlight
    kicking and screaming until finally
    He leaves it and walks away

    Until a new dawn emerges
    with its layers and layers
    of pink and yellows.
  5. Monsterkat11

    Monsterkat11 New Member

    i am a prospect. this is my path.

    I have walked through the depths of hell
    And watched as sinners burned
    I have wandered for years to find my way
    And never the courage to see I've learned
    Left over ashes drift across my being
    And haunt my every step
    The ground is cold with secrets unspoken
    As memories forever kept
    The air is dry and hard to breath
    Walls bleed with passion that will never leave
    As I walk I study every line
    To find my way back to what I’ve left behind
    I have found myself in a place where I am alone
    The damnation eats at what I have become
    This is where I belong
    This is what I’ve known
    Still I push forward on a quest for empty hope
    These surroundings are ever changing
    And more pathetic as I go
    Save me from where I am
    Or i will walk on, as far as I can
    Pity has lost its meaning
    And love has lost its touch
    This continuous path of betrayal
    Has never seemed too much

    i used to write alot, just thought i'd share my poem. don't really write much anymore though :confused2:
  6. BigOBear

    BigOBear New Member

    Wow very nice yall. Reckon I'll try my hand at this if yall promise not to laugh too hard :embarassed:

    The alarm bangs the bell loud and clear.
    The sound pushing away sleep via my ear.
    Do I really have to go to work?
    Oh Wait! I say with a smirk.
    Today'll be filled with fish, sun, and beer.
  7. BigOBear

    BigOBear New Member

    That was fun... just finished it... here ya go :wink:

    The alarm bangs the bell loud and clear.
    The sound pushing away sleep via my ear.
    Do I really have to go to work?
    Oh Wait! I say with a smirk.
    Today'll be filled with fish, sun, and beer.

    Up and attem, I pop outa bed.
    Pull on the overalls and head for the shed.
    Grab some hooks and line,
    Hidden bottle, whiskey so fine.
    Rods and worms, oh yea don't forget the lead.

    Back to the house to get some ice.
    I step on the cat not once, but twice.
    Some bread and baloney,
    I'm a man, not a phoney.
    Will I catch a fish, Let's roll them dice!

    Sitting on the creek, the sun comes up.
    Beautiful backdrop of my pickup truck.
    Perch on a hook,
    This is better than a book.
    Here comes my buddy saying wasup?

    The suns here now mr lazy bones.
    He grins and says his gal was home.
    I nod and understand,
    Because I am a man.
    He had to fix breakfast before she let him be gone.

    Well we're just about to start to lie.
    When my drag screamed out with all it's might.
    I tried to act cool,
    But felt like a fool.
    Getting ready for this monster fight.

    I think that rascal pulled line to the coast
    But I pumped and pulled, he would be toast!
    Then he headed up yonder,
    To Ft. Worth I wonder?
    All the fish I've caught, this one'll weight the most!

    Then along about 15 minutes later
    I yelled, "Get the net Tater!"
    He's wore out!
    I've won this bout!
    That's when out of the water came that Gator!

    A growlin and a snappin and trying to get me,
    I'd never been this close to one to see
    Nearly got my hand,
    I might be a man.
    But I do believe I started to pee.

    Tater started whacking him across his tail.
    And every time it sounded just like a bell.
    How odd is this,
    A ring, not a hiss.
    Then out in the creek I saw a whale!

    My eyes popped open and I threw that clock.
    It hit the wall and the alarm just stopped.
    The phone started to ring.
    And glowed all green.
    It was Tater wondering if the fishing would be hot.

    We hemmed and hawed, I grumbled and groaned.
    Finally told Tater, think I'll stay home.
    He said what in the hell?
    What was there to tell?
    My honey had a list of things to do a mile long!
  8. kennylee

    kennylee New Member

    Missouri -
    A long night fishing for cat

    I'm always fishing for cat . I grab my gear and put on my lucky hat
  9. kennylee

    kennylee New Member

    Missouri -
    for a long night fishing for cat

    i'm always fishing for cat i grab my gear and my lucky hat
    for a long night fishing for cat
    i caught my bait and anchor on a flat
    for a long night fishing for cat
    i bait my hook and cast my line and there i sat
    for a long night fishing for cat
    i watch my line looking for a tap all the while i swat at gnats
    for a long night fishing for cat
    my line goes limp and i draw it up now sit was it a bat or a dirty rat or was it that big old cat
    for a long night fishing for cat
    then it happened line went thight this was going to be a heck of a fight
    i grabbed the pole and felt no slack as the other end kept pulling back
    i pumped and i reeled but it kept taking it back
    it pulled i pulled titi for tat
    for a long night fishing for cat
    but just like that it jumped from the water making a splat
    and shortly after my line went flat
    for a long night fishing for cat
    i get back home give my dog a pat while wiping my feet on the mat
    and toss that lucky fishing hat
    I think to myself that was one fat cat
    and a long night fishing for cat
  10. Angelkitty

    Angelkitty New Member

    Sheridan, Ar
    Piggies peeking out.
    Belly moving up and down.
    Round cheeks and
    one eye open.
    Sweet baby Jude.

    Something that can be sing to a baby.
  11. Angelkitty

    Angelkitty New Member

    Sheridan, Ar
    Catfish Pond

    If I were to live my life
    in catfish forms
    in scaffolds of skin and whiskers
    at the bottom of a pond
    and you were to come by
    one evening

    when the moon was shining
    down into my dark home
    and stand there at the edge
    of my affection
    and think, "It's beautiful
    here by this pond. I wish
    somebody loved me,"
    I'd love you and be your catfish
    friend and drive such lonely
    thoughts from your mind
    and suddenly you would be
    at peace,
    and ask yourself, "I wonder
    if there are any catfish
    in this pond? It seems like
    a perfect place for them."
  12. Angelkitty

    Angelkitty New Member

    Sheridan, Ar
    Come on everyone, this thread is for any thoughts or poems. Make anything up. Share any funny thoughts you might have. :roll_eyes::cool2:
  13. BigOBear

    BigOBear New Member

    Wrote this ad about a year ago after my divorce as a joke :) Thought yall might get a chuckle out of it.

    Single Dad needs your help during the holiday season. I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself, but it just isn't the same you know? Anyhow, willing to meet at my house, your house, or even in a parking lot somewhere and we could use the bed of my truck. If so, I'll throw in a sheet of plywood so the bed ridges don't get in our way. No men please. I don't think you would do it any better than I can do it by myself. Also, I've already tried hiring someone that does it for a living and I wasn't satisfied with her. Everything was so business like and too professional when it was over. I want someone that can put some feeling into it. So no professionals please. I have alot, so plan to spend a couple of hours. I'll bring all the necessary gear but if you have any personal equipment that you think will give it that special flare then feel free to bring it along. Also, if you have a friend that likes to do this sort of thing with you, bring her along too... the more the merrier.

    I guarantee your satisfaction in this venture... can you guarantee mine? If you're interested in helping me wrap Christmas presents this year, shoot me an email.
  14. flathead willie

    flathead willie Well-Known Member

    Under the wide and starry sky
    Dig the grave and let me lie
    Glad did I live and gladly I die
    And I laid me down with a will
    This be the verse you grave for me
    "Here he lies where he longed to be
    Home is the sailor, home from the sea,
    And the hunter home from the hill"

  15. deadly_legend

    deadly_legend New Member

    Evansville, Ind
    here is one i wrote a year or two ago, hope you all like it

    The One I Love
    By: Joshua Edlin

    The one I love
    With all my heart
    With every thought
    The pain grows
    To know she
    Does not
    If I could
    I wouldn’t make her
    Even if I could
    I would just ask
    To know what she thought.
    The one I love is not hot
    Yet, she is stunning
    An angel would be jealous
    For god created
    A women such as her.
    I love her,
    With all my heart,
    With every thought.
    And every thought,
    With all my heart.
    But, she does not
    So the pain shall
    Stay, until the day
    I feel no pain,
    No joy,
    No sadness
    And she'll never know..
    And she'll never know...
  16. deadly_legend

    deadly_legend New Member

    Evansville, Ind
    another one from me

    Here I Lay
    By: Joshua Edlin
    Here I lay
    In the dark
    Reminiscing of the
    Spark we once
    Shared when you
    Care about me
    My skin is
    Stained with the
    Tears I cried
    When you left
    Me and from
    The truth the
    Lies I had
    Lied about the
    Way I truly
    Love you.
    I truly love
    You, unlike you
    Do for me
    If only we
    Could be if
    Only you were
    Mine, then the
    Sun may shine
    For me once again
    But, here i
    Lay in the
    Dark, reminiscing the
  17. deadly_legend

    deadly_legend New Member

    Evansville, Ind
    and the last one i can find

    Love Lives On
    By: Joshua Edlin

    The rose you
    Planted before you
    Left has bloomed.
    Watered by the
    Tears I have
    Cried for you.
    You know it
    To be true
    I have always
    Loved you. And
    I know you
    Loved me, and
    That was the
    Key. But now
    Your gone, leaving
    Me broken hearted
    Unable to move
    On since my
    Love for you
    Still loves on.
  18. Flintman

    Flintman New Member

    OKC, OKLA.
    Here's a song I use to do years ago:

    My car sounds like an old tin can,
    my wife ran off with another man
    I pulled a muscle in my fishin hand
    and my income tax are due

    My Dr, told me not to smoke
    drink nothin stronger than a coke
    I can't even hear a dirty joke
    cause I'll laugh and strain my heart

    I have ever ailment know to man
    from African mumps to dishpan hands
    I lost ever race I ever ran
    some, I didn't even get to start

    It goes on and on but my senior monents wont let me remember.
  19. oh no

    oh no New Member

    A little British Humor


    Now I will confess to you a secret if you’ll keep

    That every single working day, with lots of women I do

    It doesn’t matter if they’re single, married or

    The age or size is of no concern, nor is their colour
    of course

    There is something special about that great surprise

    When taking in her beauty through my bleary eyes

    The sceptics say “How could you?” as they lecture me in

    About the fact I’m married and should be faithful to my

    But my wife knows all about it and in fact it makes her

    To think that many people would consider it a sin.

    But alas! It’s not so grandiose; in fact you’ve made a

    ‘Cos all these women I sleep with are just passengers
    on the tube!

    We sit there, side by side just dozing and our heads
    begins to flop

    Snoozing like back-benchers, just waiting for our stop.

    And when we reach our destinations, politely we do nod

    And go our own directions home, all upon our Todd.

    So if you thought of any other reason, then maybe

    You’ve got a wild imagination or a touch of jealousy!

    But if I’ve made you smile a bit or laugh right from
    the heart

    I dedicate this ode to you, my fellow underground tart!
  20. Angelkitty

    Angelkitty New Member

    Sheridan, Ar
    I have an Angel

    I have an angel with me,
    inside of my head,
    even when she is not near.

    She came from me,
    and she resides with me,
    and in me every moment of my living.

    From the moment she emerged she owned me,
    heart and soul.
    She brings me my greatest joys,
    and my most unholy sorrow.

    And we are linked spiritually,
    and physically.

    She has the greatest beauty I have ever seen.
    The poets have written of the likes of her...
    golden hair, and eyes of the sea,
    a heart capable of capturing the soul,
    of anyone or anything that comes near.

    She grows even as I watch,
    and when she is grown,
    she will be a power to behold:
    strong, beautiful and powerful in spirit,
    graceful, delicate, charming and funny.

    She captures your eyes, but wait until
    you feel the pull of her true self -
    you can fall, you know!

    Everyone who knows her has fallen,
    and she has only just begun...
    My smiling Angel.​