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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    I bought a 7000iCS and wanted to wrap it with some bright green line.
    Bass Pro has this stuff called "PLine" for $15.00 a spool.
    I wasn't going up there for nothing, so I bought it :smile2:.

    As soon as I unwrapped it, I noticed it feels different than any other monofilament I've dealt with. It has a very smooth feeling to it, almost waxy. It holds a knot very well, and it shines real well with the green LEDs on my headlamps, I could see the line all the way into the water (couldn't do this with moss green big game).

    I caught three fish with it so far, all ranging from 8 - 15 pounds, and it held up great. One being a flathead that did pull me into a snag - I yanked him right now with no mercy provided. :)

    I did get snagged with the line, and let me tell you - breaking this stuff is hard! Has a good stretch to it, and the 30 lb big game leader line broke before this PLine did.

    I'm personally going to use this stuff over Berkley Big Game now. I recommend everyone give it a whirl, it's really good stuff.
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    P-line is tough stuff, it stretches pretty good, then will curl onto itself and be a mess. If its not stretched it is pretty tough stuff.

  3. Welcome to the B.O.C.
    Thank's for the heads up.
  4. kyelkhunter3006

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    Best mono you can get, IMO. I love the P Line CX Premium in Clear Blue. Flourocarbon coating to minimize water absorbtion, casts and handles well, just a good all around line.

    Any mono will curl and make a mess once it's been stretched out. That's what sucks about mono.
  5. Flamekeeper

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    Louisville, Ken
    You've made a wise choice, I've been using it for 14yrs or better.
    I've used all of the below P-Lines,

    Halo - is on one of my outfits now.

    P-Line Fluorocarbon, little stiff and holds minimal memory

    CXX X-tra Strong Moss Green
    CXX X-tra Strong Fluorescent Green, stiff after awhile and holds memory well,
    CX Premium Moss Green, Not so bad as the CXX.

    Floroclear 30# ( Is the line on all my outfits but one.(Halo). Flouroclear has to be the best line they have produced IMHO. Unless they come out with something better I'll stay with this Line.. Almost 0 memory and flys through the guides on the cast like lightening, and is just as tough as the rest of the lines, super knot strength too:wink:)

    Fluorocarbon has a high abrasion resistance,low stretch factor and UV protectors it's no wonder that when it was introduced, the American Sportfishing Association awarded P-Line CFX Fluorocarbon "Best New Line Introducion of the Year".

    CXX X-TRA Strong Leader, I'm going to try this soon.
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