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Pledge of Allegiance Unconstitutional

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We just read on the Yahoo news that The Pledge of Allegiance was declared unconstitutional by a San Francisco Federal Judge. Here is the link below

First, prayer in school and now this. What is next? :mad:
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Sounds to me like that judge needs to be lookin fer a new job. It was always a great Morning Starter in the first grade to stand with my class mates and say the pledge of alliegence. Back when "American Pride" was the best. It is shameful for sure. We are talking about San Francisco, LOL I dont think there are many Americans left out there. Dont know, havent been there in 15 years. But they do think alot different than we do.
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and for the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and Justice for all.

Enough Said
There is a thread started in the H.I. area, if anyone wanted to know.

What a shame. With all the things going on in the world today, this is what they do. O' well, I still have word for word in my head and I will teach it to my Grand Daughter. My kids all ready know it.

By our choice, My Family and I pledge allegiance to the Flag
of the United States of America,
and to the Republic for which it stands:
one Nation under God, indivisible,
With Liberty and Justice for all.


Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.
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My response to this is in the High Intensity area.
kccats said:
That judge needs to be censured.
The story said he was upholding a previous ruling-one that the supreme court side stepped on a technicality.Sound like he was just doing his job.

But I still don't like it.
it is not true. it did not happen. a judge said it was not correct to force a child to say the under god part in school. By the way the pledge never had the word god in it until around 1950. many members are old enough to remember what it said when written. one nation undisvible. it was silly us that changed it to exclude some people by adding the words under god.

If you believe in god and I do then everything is under god but I don't believe that we have the right to force others to believe as we do.

Have we learned nothing, don't people understand that we are headed to war because some christans want their belief system to run governament.

the shoe is already on the other foot and most don't see it. it scares me.
We are fortunate to live in the greatest country on earth! This country was founded and settled by people seeking religious freedom. many have sacrificed and died so we can choose how we want (or don't want) to worship.
a primary principal is the separation of church and state, however the writers of the constitution as were/is many others since, choose to acknowledge the creator in their life, work, politics etc. acknowledgeing God is not the same as worshiping. I don't have to live a perfect life to acknowledge God! (thankfully)
if you choose not to acknowledge God, That Is your right! I just don't like any idiot wearing a blackdress to try take MY rights away! :cursing:
The Pledge to My country has been Under God all my life and Will stay that way! no matter what california says.
Under God was put in the pledge in the 1950, so it has not been there for all of our lives unless you were born sometime after the early 1950s. I believe our faith is a private thing and every time in history someone has made it more it was the cause of war.

Don't believe all headlines. The only thing that was said was, It is wrong to force a non christan to say the words in school.
Put this in your"For what it is worth" book.--In my opinion, This nation was formed by God fearing men and our Constitution was written to protect us from a Government sponsored religion,ie Church of England. There is NOTHING in the words "Under God" that is promoting any one religon over another.

If you happen to not like the Pledge of Allegiance--dont recite it, that is your right! It is also my right to recite it as loudly as I wish and as often as I desire. It is a generally accepted part of our heritage and the addition of "under God" in 1954 was intended to separate us from godless societies.

If you prefer to be a part of such a society, then leave. It is your right to do so. no one is forcing you to stay.

Once again---this is just my OPINION---yours may differ, as is also your right given to you by those same God fearing men of long ago.
SSG Johnson said:
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and for the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and Justice for all.

Enough Said
Amen Chuck ... that says it all !!!
I agree with Cook,originally i felt the same as most when i 1st heard but if the supreme court did the right thing the first time around this california judge would not have been able to declare the pledge unconstitutiomal.
Seems to me the supreme court is to blame for pussyfooting around the issue the first time.
What really bugs me is the guy who keeps bringing it up(iforget his name) He don't want his kids to have to deal with that in school,well TOUGH his kids are going to have to deal with much more and worse as they grow older and kids are not forced to stand or recite the pledge in school so he should back off (really wish someone would put a bullet in his head and others like him)
By the way,the reason this is brought up again is the first time the court ruled he has no say in the matter because he does not have custody of his kids.So now this putzhead goes and finds a couple folks who do have custody of their children and share his twisted views and is repesenting them in CA court.

LMAO as i'm typing this i got fox news on and they say today is NATIONAL DAY of PRAYER!!!!
National prayer day,imagine that!
I got a queasy feelin in my gut theres gonna be abother court case about this one day!

Also,its my undersatanding this country was built on religion and the freedom to express!It is on our money our courts congress starts the day with a prayer,sports have a moment of silence,its everywhere you look.
By having the pledge in school or a moment of silence it gives the MAJORITY of children IN them schools an opportuniy to show respect for God and Country!
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It's almost like we have passed into a parallel universe and everything is 180 degrees from logical thinking.

again I only say that if the words "under God" were added in 1950 then they have been there all MY life! and will be there as long as I'm able to say them no matter what anyone says!
I'm not tryin to stir up trouble. "jes statin facts"
if that fool in california wants to get out of our great country then, I won't miss him.
if he don't like one country under God then let him go, no great loss. maby he'll take a few with him.
Is it legal to use common sense?
There should be a litmus test for judges...
Do they know the constitution? Do they know what their job is about?
Do they have common sense?

Sounds like they need more republicans! :cool:
im sick of all this bull----. every time one fool decides thier kid shouldn't hear the word god they screw it up for all. and how the heck do we let this happen.

its like the spanish garbage. every other product on american shelves are putting spanish next to the american. i know have to select english when i make a phone call or they start speaking spanish in my ear.
i know its america and we do things to help others but were loosing our old traditions for a few.

what happens when one little frenchman is offended by the statue of liberty. well from people like this ignorant judge it will happen. im tired of seeing these things happen in america. if ya don't like something fine but why should we all have to change our lives and loose our traditions to satisfy one. put it to a vote. how many like the pledge? 30. how many dont? 1. OK go stand outside the door while we say it. thats how i feel.

if you don't like our war memorials and our way of life there are hundreds of other countries to go to. get out! go try and tell castro that his cigars offend you. see how far ya get.

i say its high time we tell these folks to spit in one hand and wish in the other and see witch gets filled first. ide like to see the sipreme court overthrow that decision.

it offends me to see two guys kissing in the park but since they have rights we let em get married.

heres my solution. everytime one of these whiners feel different and see fit for all of america to change for them we issue them a tiny deserted island to live there misserible little life on away from us americans that have our way of life.
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SSG Johnson said:
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and for the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and Justice for all.

Enough Said

I couldn't have said it better SSG Johnson.
misterwhiskers. lmao. your exactly right. how can we have a national day of prayer when judges have done things like this. its contridiction. some fool right now is thinking of a way to sue the U.S. over that. they clame they are offended by the calander saying prayer on it.

ill be the first one in the firing squad when he surfaces. any wanna join me. lol.
Not to get off topic but i seen on the news the other day a football coach resigned after getting into trouble for praying WITH the team before agame!

It seems as if it was ok they were praying but for the coach to be
involved was wrong.

I really don't understand this whole thing,if someone doesn't agree or don't wanna pray/pledge then don't,but why should a nation stop these things because a few ((INSERT A FEW CHOICE WORDS HERE)) are offended.

Sounds like they are soft skinned if ya ask me.

Cats,I'll be right there with ya cocked and loaded!!!!!

As far as i know this country was founded on the freedom to express our religous views WITHOUT interference from the government,i don't see how any judge anywhere can grant this people what they are asking for.
By the way,i'm also pretty sure the popular religion at the time and still today was christianity.
Thought this country was-majority rules?????
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