Pleasonton East

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    went to Pleasonton East yesterday caught 2 walleyes and 3 Saugeyes and 1 20" cat trolling deep diving crankbaits. All walleye/saugeye less than the 18" length limit. Caught 1 22" wiper and 2 small largemouths on torpedo where fish were surfacing. Caught nothing....nada.... zippo where water was running in and out of the lake. Tried shad,liver,live bluegills on a float ,gobs of nightcrawlers and didn't even get a bite in 2 hours. Found some really big channels {from 10-25 lbs} last year several times. Feeders all messed up there....blown to the bank and not operating. Need to refigure that lake old patterns aren't working. Anybody got any ideas? 127 acre lake with wicked channel cat population I know they are still there but where? 30 plus lb. channel caught there last week. Switched to west lake caught 35 channels 3-10 lbs in four hours on liver. Not great for chumming but not too bad. Need new pattern over there too_Only caught 1 small channel on nightcrawler where water was flowing out.Might try drifting shad or blood next time.