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    I just bought a remington 870 express super mag 12 ga. 3 1/2 inch. The stock is black synthetic but it is beaten up pretty bad will the stock and forearm from a normal 870 2 3/4-3 inch work on this gun? im pretty sure it would it looks the same? anyone know anything about this? any input would be appreciated i am looking at buying a new stock/forearm set maybe the advantage shadow grass for duck season. thanks guys, also im am pretty sure regular 870 choke tubes fit it any advice on that? it came with a superfull turkey choke and i need a regular improved, modified and full choke for regular shooting.
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    When I was buying factory seconds fiberglass stocks I would use bondo to fix the blemishes in them then spray with a rubberized auto undercoating then spray with a flat black paint its very durable and looks nice and very easy to touch up when needed.

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    I know that the buttstock will fit fine. The forearm should too. Looking at aftermarket sets, I never see any listed specifically for the Supermag. Just 870 in 20ga or 12ga.

    You could just get a rattle can of spray on bedliner or auto trunk paint too. Add a little texture for those wet days. Sand the stock to rough it up a little, use a good primer, and spray away. You can get the trunk paint in different colors too (bedliner is just black).

    That's a whole lot cheaper than getting a new stock set, and that's what I've done on many a gun, wood or synthetic.
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    i believe regular 870 stocks, correct for gauge, will fit in the mag 3" or supermag 3 1/2". check out hogue. they have an overmolded rubber stock with a great recoil pad for those stout waterfowl loads for under 70 bucks. i got one in black off of brownells, don't know if they have camo. took my recoil down to almost nothing, and looks good.
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    2 3/4 inch loads are fine as are 3 inch. All chokes for 870 Remington 12 guage are the same, regardless of chamber length; they will work fine in your gun.
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    The stocks should all work as long as you get the correct guage (12 guage in your case). Unless your stocks are cracked, save your money and just paint the ones you have. I bought a set of camo stocks and after a couple of years of use, the camo paint it wearing off. The ducks wont care if your gun is camo or flat black. Scratch them up good with sandpaper, and spray it with a rattle can. You will have plenty leftover paint to touch it up when you scratch it up again. And for less than 10% of what new stocks would cost.
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    Being that I'm cheap ,and a do it your selfer ,I would hang onto my money. Buy a few 4oz spray cans of camo and do it my way.:wink:
    If you are dead set on ordering a new one ,there is usually a sheet you fill out with the info so you get the correct stock. on the choke,remington uses the "Remchoke system on all thier guns.