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  1. catfishing is fun

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    i am planning on a trip to the truman dam, i need to know what type of catfish are there, and what baits to use and also what type of presentation

    thanks alot
  2. meat_hunter

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    Clarksville, TN
    if your going to truman dam you can catch anything there. you need to get you some fresh shad with a cast net, or you can get a small hook and get some worms and just work around the holes in the rocks and catch some perch and use then as live bait if you want to catch some flatheads. you need a big rod. i have a 13' meathunter and a 7000 abu garcia. we use a three way swive about 18-20" off the bottom and about a 10" leader.

  3. safetybass

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    Hey, catfish fun, welcome. Below Truman Dam is really two different fishing experiences in one setting. The variable is current flow. If they are generating power, they create downstream current which fires up some fish. In that scenario, fresh cut shad is THE bait. The current makes different demands on your rig, especially weight. The three way rig is still the best choice, you just have to up the weight to hold it in the current.

    When there is no current, you are basically bank fishing in a lake, instead of a river. Lighter weight should be used to reduce hanging up in the rip-rap. When you decided to reel in a line, quickly raise and hold the rod high, and reel your line in quickly to try and keep it out of the rock. Large rip-rap lines both sides of the new channel below the dam. The old channel isn't as bad. More snags, etc. than rock. Without current, fish tend to roam around, and one of the best spots is actually where the two channels meet. Fresh shad is still the best bait, but livers, doughbait, goldfish all work. Good luck and enjoy your trip!
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    Safetybass has it right. There is one difference lately though. Cut bait hasn't been producing, but live bait has been. Throw both out and see what the cats prefer.

    Normally you can find blue cats there, with some channel cats thrown in. There are a few flats as well. If you are using live shad for bait you can also hang into some good hybrid bass.

    Watch out for gar though. They are really common there.