Please help Baby Ethan

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    I wanted to post this here since more people may come across it.
    Ethan is 4 months old and only has a less than 3% chance to live. He was diagnosed with leukemia at 8 weeks old. He has a rare genetic marker making a bone marrow transplant very difficult. We need an estimated 2 million....thats right 2 MILLION people to register as marrow donors or Ethan is going to die.

    I have volunteered to be PR for Ethans cause. We are trying to get Ethans case on Oprah. As Ethans dad stated "she can mention a book and millions go out and buy it, maybe if she mentions Ethan a million people will register to donate."

    If you go to you will find a letter to print out to Oprah. All it needs is your signature. Ask everyone in your church or at work to print it out and mail it. I also need email addresses or website pages for news stations, newspapers, and radio stations across the country. We are trying to get donor sites set up. To register to become a donor, there is only a swab in the cheek. Thats it. Please help me save Ethans life. If you can help with email addresses or websites, please pm them to me with the subject being your city and state. Thank you!
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    This is a very worthy cause. I feel we should all do our best,those of us who are in good health to help Sister Amanda with this. I have read every single post this Baby's Daddy has posted it is heart wrenching. I have prayed multiple times a day for this Child. There has to be someone out there who has the bone marrow that can save Ethan's Life. I am gladly standing at the plate,even if I have to crawl to get there. C'mon family lets please do all we can!!!PLEASE!!:big_smile_2: :big_smile_2: