Please Forgive our Construction

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  1. ShilohRed

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    Please forgive our Construction as we update the website. Its in the works to make the website bigger and better. Our goal to make it easy to navigate user friendly.
    I have one new page up, Lots more in the works. As of now I have 7 other pages about ready to go up tomorrow. If I get the pictures finished tomorrow.:eek:oooh: This update will allow visitor's to find our products faster and without as much clutter.
    Each page is being worked on. Also will add the page for the glow tip kits,Lid Hinges for Coolers,And lots of other items to make your time on the water enjoyable.
    We are doing everything in our powers to have everything right. But if we (And we will were normal) have something wrong we will do our best to work it out. But if its something thats priced wrong. We will do what we can to take care of it. But as with any other company we can't afford to give items away because of a a wrong price.
    Heres the first new page.
    Thanks and may your winter fishing be the best ever.
    Pete & Marilyn
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    Looking good Pete. Getting my list ready for Jan. I will start back jug fishing in March so I will need to get more jug kits. I'm converting all mine over to our kits.