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Got to pleasant a 5:00 launched headed up river had some big gills and a 2#carp headed up river (couple of small detours first time ever to Pleasant) past no ski ,past no wake, kept going was staying in what i thought was the channel 10 12 ft of water then 7 the depth finder decides to reset and crunch hit the prop backed off a ways and found a pretty good size hole dropped off the carp and went out to 12 ft and anchored sat there till 10 (picked up a few small channels on corn) moved down river to a narrower spot in the channel in 6 foot of water stayed there till 1 nothing! Went back up river till got into 7ft of water then had the bright Ide of trying to cast the carp (very very bad Idea) spent the next hour undoing a massive phylis diller with the help of the carp ,the wind, etc. partner had one bite around 3:00am scaled the gill. nice nite wind blowing, jackasses breying, egrate squaking , and a mexican snoring good times.

Shortpole, you was way too far away from the Damn? And using carp instead of Mealworms just aint gonna work in my opinion. I'm going back tomorrow to see if the damn is still producing. I don't know the lake either. Trying to learn it. Sorry to hear you didn't do well. I'll let you know how I do tomorrow. Thanks for the report
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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