Pleasant Creek ( Palo)

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    R there any catfish in this small lake? If so r they channel or flathead?

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    Dav. Ia.
    Many people who fish this lake go away very dissapointed. There is many LM bass with a length limit of 18 inches. Believe me those Park Rangers are all over fishermen on and around this lake. Seems a lot of people have a hard time throwing back 16 and 17 inch bass.
    There are chanel cats there but not many are caught. Some up to 20 pounds.
    Many good fishermen call this lake The Dead Sea.
    Doubt if there is any flats in the lake, could be wrong.
    Lake McBride is a great looking lake, big cats there but very hard to locate. Kent Park has fairly good catfishing and Lake Darling farther south has flatheads.