Platte River??

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    I am new to the forum and you guys seem like a great group look forward to taling to ya'll. My question is i have been fishing the platte river now for about a year and i was wondering where you guys fish and what you guys have had luck with on the ol' muddy platte.

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    generally how i do it is wait till' late summer (or after the flatheads are done spawning) and wade down river. fish any cover, eddy's, cutbanks, or pools of water. basically what i do is follow the bank until the main current swerves into it, their should be a shallow sandbar upstream (this is where i fish from) then their should be a deeper slowly moving current just where the main current comes in and goes downstream. their should also be an eddy just below the sandbar you are fishing from, also the eddy should be next to a cutbank (where the current has skewered a hole into the bank) this will also be deeper water, in most cases unwadabe so use caution. if your lucky their should be some tree roots or some sort of cover their also. this atracts many fish because they (the spot you are fishing, not the fish) are generally few and far between. use any kind of bait, fish for whatever you want it will be their and it will bite fast. (that was day time advice). for night time fish the sandbars around the prime area, and the shallow rifflesyou fished from during the day.

    good luck

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    St. Joseph, Missouri
    We fish the lower portion of the platte, from the old detmer bridge to the mouth. This time of year I don't fish it, just out on the missouri. But the pre-flathead spawn, and the september run for flatties, are the two best times in my opinion. The channel cat fishing is also good at times. We generally focus on the structure, on the corners. These areas tend to have all the makings from depth to structure to current. I fish only live bait on the platte, but I know that alot of people have success with dipbaits. One fella I know fishes exclusively with that catfish charlies stuff, and does really well with it. Good luck to you.
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    Gonna be near the platte in Kearny any flats there??