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Discussion in 'Boat Repair Help' started by dinkbuster1, Jan 8, 2006.

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    ok, i need some help. i have a plastic canoe that has a golfball size hole in it from using it as a redneck bobsled pulled behind a truck. i just sacrificed a plano box trying to melt it into the hole. it filled it up but once it dried it was really brittle. any suggestions? do those fiberglass repair kits work on plastic?
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    Mike, Find a body shop supply store and talk to them about bumper repair products. 3M makes a few different kinds. Some come in a two part tube that you mix together, they also have a backer that you place behind the repair. Or 3M has a great product called auto mix part # 08115 use the backer behind this product also. You will find the 08115 is pricey, and you need a dispensor gun to use it. The bumper repair that comes in two tubes is a cheaper way to go, and should work well. Both dry fast and sand well.

    Hope this helps.

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    What brand is your canoe? Is it polyethylene or some other kind of plastic. Poly is like tupperware or milk jugs, only thicker. If its an Old Town, you may be able to get a repair kit from them. Another option would be to take it to a place that deals in kayaks, especially sit on top kayaks. They should be able to "weld" a patch into place. Of course, you could just take a piece of similar plastic and rivet it into place, being sure to silcone the hell out of the edges. Not much sticks to poly, but duct tape sometime will work for a short time. I'm not sure the bumper repair stuff will work, its a different kind of plastic, not as soft. I've also heard of people melting milk jugs for patch material, but don't think that's a good permanent solution. Fiberglass will not stick to poly plastics.
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    I have owned my coleman scanoe since th early 80's and have lot of fun as well as catching lots of fish. A few years ago It developed a few cracks in it I was told it couldn't be fixed, I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of it then last fall I found a patch kit online at followed the directions and Iam back in business. in Sept. I took my two sons fishing we caught a scanoe load of fish including a cat that went 8lbs. this month I took an old high school buddy trout fishing once again we caught a scanoe load of fish 20 on the first day 30 the second {we were doing catch and release}. I have been very happy with the patch, no torching the area to be repaired, not a complicated process, no problem ! So don't get rid of it repair it and let the good time roll. I can't wait for our next trip in june.
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    There is a product called weldit sold at walmart in the paint dept. that along with a piece of plastic a little larger than the hole will make a repair that will last as long as the rest of the boat. I've used this stuff many thimes with good results. and won't cost you very much to try it.:big_smile: