Planning a trip to Santee

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    I want to take my son to Santee next weekend. Where is best place to catch fish. Randolphs Landing are The Diverson Canal. Been to canal and never had any luck. Guess I am not holding my mouth right.
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    You need to fish at night with cut herring or shad. Find one of the openings that go into the back water ponds (that's what I call them) and anchor above them. Out in front of Harry's is also good. Hope this help's.:big_smile:[/FONT this for fishing the canal.

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    I would fish at night but in moultrie. Fish with live and cut gizzard shad drifting out of the flats into about 25ft of water. Good luck.
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    Wesley, night is a good choice this time of year, but both lakes can be very unforgiving, if not darn right dangerous if you don't have a lot of experience. I'd suggest to you night at the lower end of canal no more than half a mile of so from end at most. Daytime, the humps in front of Harrys are good as well as little river and dam area. In the lower lake, good bet may be drifting across the channel as well as checking out the flats area above markers 22-25. Good Luck!
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    I was up in the diversion canal a few weeks ago. The canal is for the most part the same depth except for an area just below the end of the No Wake Zone below the bridge that shallows up to 12-15 feet all the way accross the canal. I night fished there and did ok. 2 flatheads both in the low 20s, 2 blues in the teens and 2 channel cats. Nothing less than 7lbs.
    The other guys are right about safety. I've fished the Santee lakes since 1989 when I was then 16 (do the math, I'm 33 now) and I still drive SLOW at night due to all the underwater stumps floating wood ect. May help to put the boat in in daytime and "scout around". Better to be safe and get there slowly than not...
    If you do try near Harry's up on Marion, I've slaughtered the cats near channel marker 39 just north of where you put in. There is an island there, Green island is what some call it. Kinda cresent moon shaped the water shallows up in a cove like from 30 to 4 feet. Flatheads night time here live perch. This place REALLY lights up in fall. Lost I know was a 75+ blue here in 2002 when the lake was down like this past winter. Not had much luck daytime here though. Others may have but not me.
    Good luck and let us know how you come out.
    (We love fishing reports here)....