planer bobbers

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  1. coach

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    Greenville , Ms
    just wondering, have any of ya'll tried these devices ....... if so , how did they work out ???? what was your application , etc .....
  2. gamaCatsu

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    hey Steve my names shane, im kinda new here but ive been planer fishing with my uncle before, he recently started using them about a year ago and got away from the old SLIP bobber rig, i rem my uncle telling me how its basically the same setup as a slip bobber, you have your barrell swivels and weights, its free to float and move about if a fish tugs on the line, and he said it also helps with a better hookset?? like i said im just going off what hes told me and ive caught many blue cats from his boat with these, ill try to post up some diagrams if i can find any.

  3. bw69r

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    West Newton, PA
    Steve i've only seen the ads and the videos but they seem like they would work pretty well. hope someone that has used them posts on here cause i have a couple spots i think they would work well in but would like to hear some first hand experiences first before i buy them.
  4. Little Mac

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    NW Arkansa
    These planer bobbers are they the same as the planer boards folks are using for trolling? I see them in cabelas. I think they would work good on the Mississippi with the kind of current you have there. yea, u can set up for left or right from what I understand about them. seems like I saw a write up in the library on how to make your own, might be worth checkin out, prolly easier to buy em though.:smile2:
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