Places near Hickory

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    Blacklick, Ohio
    I hope Im not intruding on yall, My wife and kids and I will be in Hickory in May of next year. We are wanting to go to the race on Sunday (need to get tickets at this time). However if we cannot get tickets or for some of the time while we are down there where is there some good places to visit? We will be getting there the Thursday before the race and will be leaving Monday after. We already have our Flight and Hotel (will be in Hickory) now just need the tickets to the race.

    Also if someone might know of where we can get tickets I may need to hit you up. Is it true the kids under 10 get in for 10 bucks?

    So mainly what we are looking for is:
    1. Forts
    2. Historical sites
    Anyplace near Greensboro, Winston-Salem or Hickory.

    And if any of you want to meet up let me know we can schedual some time together.