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Pittsburgh Steelers

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if your from pittsburgh you understand the title and what a special time of year it is! Gonna have to work hard to top last season. Plaxico who?
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What's up Big Papa? This weekends game should be a good one huh? Do you think they are ready for the Patriots? I don't care for the Patriots my team is the Colts. Good Luck to your team this weekend!!
the only time i worry about the pats is in the post season.
It would be nice to see the Steelers finish like last season. I'm so sick of hearing about the pats!!!
I know Ryan. I'm sick of hearing about the Patriots!! They had one of the best defenses in history the past four years. The key word there...HAD!!!! I hope the Steelers kill them this weekend. GO STEELERS!!!!!
i am not worried one bit about the stinkin pats. I hate them as well, but only because it makes me sick to hear people say its their team, knowing that it wasnt 4 years ago! And that they cant name 5 people who play for them! I have been a die hard steelers fan since i was a little boy. My whole family is, and will be till my last day on earth! here we go steelers!
bigpapa, i have been a pats fan since before steve grogan played for them. you remember him? and i was a pats fan when the bears dismantled them in the super bowl. :crying:

no fair weather fan am i

i was a vikes fan back when tarkenton used to run for his life in their backfield. :eek:

i was a chargers fan when air coryell flew with pilot dan fouts :eek:

i paid my dues, and now i will enjoy a few wins :D
I have to say the the Steelers is my pick in the AFC. Eventhough they srewed up against the Pats, I do not seee the Pats going this year after the butt whipping San Diego put on them.
Where are the Steelers fans? Big game tonight against the Chargers. Good Luck, and Go Steelers!! :cool:
Caught the last couple minutes,seems like they had a lead and lost it twice.Marty played his usual martyball and lost at the end.Haven't heard about the steelers QB,injured knee at end of game.
there is talk of a hyperextended knee, but nothing certain yet. I dont how many more of those last second wins i can take! They need to hold on to those leads and shut it down early! Go steelers!!!
O and when Ben went down you could hear everyone in pittsburgh going crazy!
I watched and enjoyed the whole game. As for the last minute win you have to realize that the bolts are a pretty decent team. I do hope that Big Ben is fine though, if not the season is over. You know, the funny thing is I hated the steelers until Maddux came on board and now with Ben I root for them even more. I think I am finding that I am more of a QB fan than that of just the team. I just find teams with mediocre QB's to be dull! I even find it hard to watch the broncos play sometimes even though they are my team, I just don't care much for Plumber.
Whoooo!! Almost wanted to make me puke!!! :eek:

WTAE Action Sports

AFTERNOON UPDATE: Tests show Roethlisberger has a hyperextended knee and a bone bruise. "It's a deep sigh of relief," said coach Bill Cowher, who isn't making any roster moves and hopes Roethlisberger will play Sunday against Jacksonville
They say you dont know what you got till its gone. this is how i felt watching tommy gun blow that last game for us. But in all honesty he was throwing into some really tough wind. I cant just turn my back on him and boo him, it wouldnt be right to boo any steeler. That was a disgrace to hear peolpe booing him last sun!
You almost had a real scare on Halloween night Big Papa! Baltimore was fighting! Even with their second string QB, cause we took out Boller, thank god for the Steelers or they might have lost last night!
Ive always been a steelers fan,looks like they may have another good year this year.Im with you guys i hope they whip the pants off of the pats.I think they could easily get back to the super bowl if they can keep from choaking like they have in past years.GO STEELERS!!!
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
:eek: :cursing: :cursing: :eek:
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