Piney Bay Follow Up Report

Discussion in 'LOCAL ARKANSAS TALK' started by Waterbug, Apr 12, 2009.

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    Just got back from a trip to Piney Bay and I would like to thank Top, Big Sam and you other folks for the advice and warm welcome. In light of the tradegy that occured in Mena, I won't bother going into the conditions that we faced, but thank God that we experienced only minor damage to the camper. Now to the fishing: after the storm passed the fishing was great! Over the two days, there were seven anglers (3 of us there the whole time & others coming and going). We landed over 40 fish. Many of them were on the small side, but we did land a 27 pounder. Most were caught on worms or shrimp, but cut bait & "Gulp" caitfish bait worked as well. I'm still learning all this computer stuff, but when I figure everything out I'll put up some pics.

    Thanks again for the great reception & open sharing of advice.
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    Little Rock, AR
    Thanks for the report. Sounds like you had a good trip, so far as the fishing was concerned.