Pike Island (Last Saturday)

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    Things have been pretty crazy lately, and this report is late, but figured I'd update.

    Water was coming up fast and the river was ripping. We started out kayaking out of Steubenville Marina and tried to get some whitebass for cut bait. No luck and the current in this area was a whole different ballgame so we headed downriver. (5 gates open upstream)

    We had chicken liver for backup bait in case we couldn't find any whitebass or shad (creeks were chocolate milk) We finally managed to get 6 whitebass and started cutting them up.

    I think the final flattie count was 6 or 7 between four yaks, and the channel count was probably around 18.

    Interestingly enough my best flattie runs both came on a whitebass head. The first one was roughly 12-13lbs and the second run which I did not get was probably bigger. I couldn't get the dang rod out of the rod holder because of the pressure the fish was putting on. A little disappointed in not knowing how big it was since I never felt the fish but learned something.

    This is the second time early in the season that after I have caught a fish on a cut-head that immediately throwing back into the same spot will produce another hit. Is this because fish begin to pair up for the spawn? I'm curious if anyone has experienced this!?!?
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    I fished Pike island saturday,we would catch fish on every cast for about 15mins then it would stop for an hour then start back up like that off and on till about 11:00pm then it just died.

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    jim, we often catch the flatheads on the head sections here when fishing cuts. I think the flatheads once they approach the scent of the fresh bleeding bait see the actual fish head and possibly get more aggressive with it, than say a middle or rear piece of cutbait that they know are bait, but may not recognize as much besides being dead. Don't get me wrong, they will eat fresh cut period, but it seems we catch more flatheads on the heads and more channels on the other. I really think they see well enough to possibly see the eyes of the fish and thats enough to think its simply injured and inhale... just my opinion from observation, as for the pairing, the flats we have been catching have been semi together also. seems like we get one, two, or three runs and then silence for a while...i do know alot of smaller flats during the summer often stay together, and can be caught in the same locations fairly quick......rollo