Pike Island Dam Pier

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    Had some chicken livers cured with garlic salt so I decided to wet some line this evening(July 16th). Arrived at the dam at 7:00 PM and fished till 11:00 PM. There were about half a dozen people there. I had one short run with no payday. Saw one person pull in a Carp about 15" and another caught a Channel Cat about the same size. One fellow on the lower pier did hook into something big but it ended up breaking off. I think he tried to horse it and the drag was too tight. River was pretty calm, the conditions were good but the fish just were not too turned on. Worms seemed to be the choice for what was landed. The fellow that had the big one break off was using creek chubs I think. Met a nice family that was there so the evening was enjoyable even if the fish did not cooperate. As I was leaving there were 3 guys on the lower pier drinking and one threw his beer bottle on the rocks behind him and it broke. I asked him to pick the glass up because kids that fish there sometimes play on those rocks. They did attempt to pick up the larger pieces of glass but I am sure not all. To any BOC members taking their kids there to fish please watch for this danger. Sure would be nice if the state posted a sign with numbers to call (Local PD or Game Officer) and report this type of thing as it is going on. There were a few cars in the lot and without knowing what they were driving I was unable to get a license number. All and all, no fish for me but still a nice evening.
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    I wish your trip would have turned out better. It is unfortunate that we have to deal with people that are disrespectful to public areas. Thanks for the info and the post

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    Why do people (idiots) disrespect their surroundings, especially when it is a public area such as this and make it hazardous for others, especially when kids may step on the glass?? :crazy: Reps to you for trying to make it right. You will catch a nice fish next time for being a good person. :wink:

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    Thanks for the report Doug and welcome to the board..:wink:
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    Doug, try Cut Skipjacks if they r in there then or Shad if no Skips in at the time.

    Livers do well for Channels but a few of the guys have gotten Flats in the 40s there but not me....rrrrr!!!!