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    we were dove hunting yesterday, and kept getting buzzed by pigeons. i dropped a couple and busted the crop on one. he was eating winter wheat and milo, same as the doves. we got to talking about how they are in the same family, and decided to cook a couple up at our barbecue. i kept an eye on which wraps were from the pigeon, an you could not tell the difference between pigeon and dove. if you enjoy eating dove and have access to country grain fed pigeons, try it! you might be surprised! i know i was. if you don't know how to do wraps, it's like this: half a jalapeno (or any pepper sliced), cream cheese in the pepper, the meat on the cheese. wrap that in bacon and run a couple toothpicks through it. grill it till the bacon is crispy, and enjoy. it's the ONLY way to eat doves, and pigeons too! :wink:
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    Those wraps sounds good... At one point in time Pigeons were refered to as Rock doves, I like to call them flying rats. I would not recomend eating pigeons if you live in manhattan, but I bet the country ones would be no different than the mourning or other doves..

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    The city and barn pigeons are as already noted really doves while closely related aren't pigeons. We shoot lots ie thousands per day in Paraguay at my lodge and always grill a few as appetizers prior to the noon cookout in the field and occasionally as stew. After a diet of peanuts that we shoot over, I can assure you pigeons when fat as butterballs are fantastic eating. I have no problem finding homes for the 2,000 or so we shoot every day. Every Indian and mennonite farmer in the area is begging birds from us. The food police aren't around out in the countryside and wild pigeon will be found as a seasonal dish in resturants and in the small grocery stores. My birdboys sell them for twenty cents apiece plucked and the stores sell them for fifty cents apiece. A plucked whole bird minus insides weighs 1/2 pound.

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    Trap a few of those city pigeons and get your bird dogs started early, also great training aids, after the bird season.

    I've had some good times, training springers over pigeons.
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    I have about 25 homers right now that I reecently bought to train with. The guy that sold em to me bragged on how good they were. I'm gonna have to try some.