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  1. Gibbzilla

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    What's a rod holder that I could use on a wooden pier? The pier doesn't have rails and handles to prop your rod on. Would propping my rod on a bag-chair be good enough to use circle hooks on?
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    Wouldn't recommend it unless you plan on tying the rodbutt to the dock. I've had more than one rig go skittering down the dock, just lucky enough to run up and step on the handle. Suggest making up a rodholder on a bracket out of wood or metal and c-clamping it to the pier somehow. I still tie mine down.

    Pic attached is some brackets I made from 3/8" round aluminum, use a nylon buckle strap to lash it onto the dam wall, and a safety rope tied onto the wall and clipped onto the reel.

    You could also make up a wood bracket out of 2x4, screw a piece of 1 1/4 pvc pipe to it, and use sone J-bolts to slip thru the cracks in the decking to lock it down.


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    This might be what you are looking for:(Demo video on youtube)


    Happy Fishing!
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    Thats just what a guy needs, I see lots of people leaving their pole laying on a dock, for others to trip on, or get pulled into the lake. I had considered something like this but hadn't finished the design. I'd say this is just what a dock or pier fisherman needs. Thanks for posting.

    I fish a pier with a hand rail, most folks just use a hook which can be gotten at any hardware store. The type for hanging stuff in a garage, like a bicycle. The hook is screwed in below the hand rail, and the rod rests on the hand rail.
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    for the concrete wall in your picture you could make something from steel or alumanum that would cup the top of the wall and clamp it in place with a cheap bar clamp from harbor freight. Or you could attack a piece of exhaust pipe to the bar clamp at an angle, have it welded maybe.