Pier or bank fishing on Lake Marion

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    Looking for suggestions on places to fish from pier or the bank on Marion, im staying in the I-95 area, i have taken my boat twice to the canal in the past but did not feel good about going out on the lakes in a 15 ft. alum. boat, i want to check out some different places on the upper lake to come back with boat later, this is mostly a trip to check out marinas, campgrounds, etc. but would like fish a little also, i dont mind driving somewhere else from where im staying, thanks for any ideas.

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    mark you can bank fish on the canal at the 52 bridge in st stephens.just no fires allowed.

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    I've seen people fishing on 3 different spots bteween I- 95 and the state park. There are a few sandy beach areas that look good but i'm not sure about access to them. They look open to public but i'm not sure.

    I think there are some areas accessible from the state park and that's where i would check out.
    I will be up there this weekend and will be looking myself. I'll have my 7 year old so i'm pretty sure we'll be on a sandy beach area at some point - He'll be playing in the sand while i fish.

    Hope this helps.
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    Mark the river channel comes pretty close to the bank near the state park. There use to be a really big mussell bed right off the bank near the southern end of the state park with plenty of bank fishing access. Should be a decent place to fish from the bank. If you had your boat with you anywhere north of the state park around the cypress trees would be a great place to fish especially during the day. Small peices of fresh cut bait (perch, herring, shad) will be the best bait.
  5. Redneck in a Skiboat

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    Mark, There is a pier in the State Park. There is a fee for the park, but its only $2 or $3. There is a boat ramp with a dock also. I carried my 21' boat, but I'll take my 14' next time. It runs a lot shallower. Stumps under the water. The cabins were 40% off, but I'm not sure how long that last. Check the state park web site and click on the link Hot Deals. The cabins are nice and clean too. There are 10 pier cabins and you can fish right off the pier that the cabins are on. There are 20 land cabins. They have spots cleared out so you can pull your boat up to the bank in front of the cabin. There is a old bridge at I-95 bridge, but I'm not sure if it's used as a fishing pier or not. I'm sure someone else could answer that.