pier fishing in south Fla.

Discussion in 'Salt Water Fishing' started by Jeremy Sheffey, Nov 22, 2009.

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    i spent the last week in southern fla around the palm beach area. i found a pier in lakeworth which is about 20 min away from my girlfriends house. i hooked into a very large ray the first day, and caught a large snook the next. i have to say, i really enjoy fishing salt water, even from a pier. the best day that i had though, my girl went with me and we were fishing spinning rigs, with 1 oz. jig heads and live shrimp. we were catching mostly "blue runners." for their size and the rigs we were using, they put up an excellent fight and were a blast to catch. the best part was watching her catch them and the smile on her face. i recommend anyone to get a medium spinning outfit and some jig heads with shrimp and hitting the pier. never know what you may hook into, and even the smaller fish put up a good fight.
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    Sounds like fun. Those Blue Runners are good bait. I use them offshore in Florida.

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    Glad you enjoyed some Fl fishing. I'm not much into saltwater fishing myself. But it can be a blast as a change from catfishing ever now and then.

    If you are ever on a river in fl that is close to the saltwater use that same type set up. The fish in those areas see a lot of shrimp even up into the freshwater and lots of fresh & saltwater fish will KILL THEM!! In the lower parts of the rivers catfish will nail shrimp & worm combos just add a worm to that jig & shrimp and let is hit bottom.