Pier Fishing For King Mackarel

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    My wife and I have been Pier fishing for King Mackarel for 30 + years the last 25 years on Ocean Crest Pier On Oak Island North Carolina.We previous fished on Top Sail Island before a hurricane tore down the pier.
    One reason I love King fishing is because you catch a lot different species fish to name a few{ King Mackarel ,Spanish Mackarel,Cobia,.Amberjack,Bluefish,Tarpon,Barracuda,Shark,and maney others species.

    Fishing Tackle

    First you need a pier cart with rod holders to haul all your fishing tackle on.Because it a long walk to the end of the pier where we kingfish.The pier has a 50ft x 50ft T on the end of the pier that is set aside just for kingfishing . If you kingfish you have to pay more than the bottom fishermen .Some king fishermen use 4/0 Pen reel with a 6 1/2 foot rod spooled with 30lb test mono for a fighting rod and a 10 foot surf rod with a good size spining reel spooled with 25lb test mono.for a anchor rod.But I like a 6/0 Pen reel spooled with 50lb test braided line with 6 foot Captain's Choice heavy action rod for my fighting rod and a 209 Pen bait caster on a 10 foot Drum Stick rod spooled with 30 lb test mono for my anchor rod.

    Leader and Hooks

    I use 69lb test tobacco brown stainless steel wire for my leader with 4 x strong lazer sharp Eagle Claw hooks.
    You need about 4 feet of wire for your leader and 3 of the 4 x strong hooks and 2 number 4 ball ss swivels to make up the fishing leader.When the leader is finished it looks like a { Y } with a drop hook atached to one of the other hooks.The first hook is placed just under the front of the dorsal fin the second hook is placed at the back of the dorsal fin the third hook is a tail hook which hangs free.

    The Anchor Rod

    The anchor rod needs to be at lest 10 foot long with a good action so you can make a long cast.
    I make my own spider anchors they weighed around 4 ozs.
    They're constructed from 1/8 dia stainless wire.I take 12 inch piece of wire and double it equal lenghts and bend it in the middle around a piece of 3/8 rod then put the two ends in a hand drill chuck and spin the wire together.
    The end that is around the 3/8 rod is the eye where you tie your anchor line.I then weld 6 pieces of 1/8 wire about 6 inches to the main wire about 3/4 of a inch from the other end of the eye.
    I use 2 - 3/4 inches 3/4 copper water pipe slide it over the wire about 1/2 below the weld and pour it full of lead.Then let cool then bend the arms out 90 degrees then bend the ends up about 1 inch up to about 30 degrees the spider anchor is finished.

    Line Break Aways

    The breakaway is what holds your bait that is on your fighting rod to your anchor rod.The reason for the anchor rod is to hold your bait in one place.Because some times there will be 50 people fishing for Kings at one time with out the anchor line it would be impossible to fish.The break away is made on 96 lb test ss wire
    it takes about 8 inches piece double the wire equal slide a snap swivel over one wire up to the { V } in the wire then use a large bead run both ends of wire through the bead then use an 1 oz egg sinker slide the two wires through the sinker then slide another bead over the two wires then bend the two wires 45 degrees the break away is finished .

    Fighting Reel And Bait

    The pier has rod holders for your anchor rod fixed to the pier but you must have your own rod holder for your fighting rod that mounts to the pier rail.You allso need a good saftey line to attach to your fighting rod.
    For bait thereare many choices to name a few {Blue fish , Grass Shad , Menhaden , Pin fish , Sugar Perch}
    I like any of the bait about 8 to 10 inches long. Some time if Cobia are being caught I like about a 2 lb Blue fish for bait.Cast your anchor rod as far as you can.The farther the better. This gives you the ability to fish your bait in close by puting slack in your anchor line or fish farther out by tightening your line.
    Next lock the breakaway snap swivel to your anchor line before you raise your anchor rod into the holder and place the two wires on the breakaway thru the swivel on your fighting rod.Hook up your bait to your treble hooks on your rig. Put your reel in free spool slide the bait down the line untill the bait is just under the surface of the water or your desired depth .Put your reel in gear and set the clicker on and the drag tension light.
    The reason I like the 50lb test braided line it will save you a lot of fish .Some times you will have a fish get around one of the pilons and the barnacles on the pilon will cut your line.

    A good gaff is important I made the one that I use from some large hooks that I bought at a tackle store at the beach I do not remember what size they were. I used 2 inch diameter ss shaft and welded the 4 hooks to it and drilled a 5/8 inch hole thru the top to accept 50 feet of 1/2 inch nylon rope.

    I have some pics of my setup I will upload it will take two threads


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    The rest of the pics.


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    Good post man, we don't fish for Kingfish much off the piers, we go for Cobia and Sharks but recently I went to Florida and they were on a great run, I got a nice 23 lb Kingfish and now I know why they call them "Smokers"....:roll_eyes:

    Check out the report and pictures-


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    I may not be able to get out much,but you people take me on some great trips.Thanks,peewee-williams.
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    That must have been fun. I have not done that much sence a few folks got mad at me last time I went. I use a 15 foot rod to slid my king lines down and they complained about it.
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    hey ace ,
    check out bob hall pier here in texas.it's just south of corpus christi.lots of big tiger sharks,hammer heads,bulls,black tips. plus just about anything else you like to catch.i've personally caught small hammerheads , trout and reds.the mackerals seem to like the ends of the jetties.just a thought .