Pictures do they help to prove the catch?

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If some makes a post about catching a big fish, do you doubt them without proof of a

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  1. flathunter

    flathunter New Member

    Most people "not all" carry cameras now so they can photgraph there catch.

    If someone makes a post talking about catching a big fish, do you doubt them without proof of a picture?
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  2. CountryHart

    CountryHart New Member

    Jack i feel doubt is part of human nature. I've been here long enuff that if you say you caught a flat that probably went 50, i wouldn't doubt it one bit regardless if ya forgot the scales an camera. Even though we never met, i've seen ya produce. Same as rollo and several others i know here. If Scotty says he caught a 50 pounder, i'll wager to say he got his pole bent. I believe in mankind but also realize alot of folks think they have something to prove just to fit in. I jus like to fish and hunt and hang around others that share the same interest.

  3. ryang

    ryang Well-Known Member

    Blacklick, Ohio
    I catch them all the time Jack:smile2::tounge_out:, really tho I tend to believe them with some doubts but usually I believe it.
  4. AwShucks

    AwShucks New Member

    Guthrie, Oklaho
    I judge men by what they say. They say they caught a big one, I'll believe them. But, whoa be unto them if I ever find out they lied. I wouldn't even give those individual's a used piece of toilet paper.
  5. john catfish young

    john catfish young New Member

    Thats an interesting question I have never even thought of. I guess it all depends on the source however. I never go fishing without my camera, I actually carry 2 cameras and 1 video recorder, and 2 sets of scales. I do this not to prove anything to anybody, but for my own personal satisfacion. Its also a way to share my fishing trips and fish and still be able to "CPR" them.:wink:
  6. Catmanblues

    Catmanblues New Member

    S.E Ohio
    I tend to believe most however a pic speaks a thousand words an if your on sites like myself you can usually spot a pic taken from another site stolen.
  7. Catfish_Scooter

    Catfish_Scooter New Member

    Well with bass i wanna see a pic sometimes.. with cats and the large baits we use to get em.. i believe it,.:smile2::wink:
  8. drpepper

    drpepper New Member

    I was examining pics. of one BOC guy from Indiana who had an "album" of pics built up on another site- his own WWW that I ran across by accident one day. As I was looking I happened to noticed two pics of him holding the same fish but wearing different clothes and hat. Then I looked and seen that same fish in a picture with a month later date claiming that under his guidance and expertise this fish was caught complete with a dramatic story. He would claim a bit differnt weight by a few ounces or a pound. So I started looking at every picture - he must have had a hundred pics, and had a unique story and weight for each.... looking at them though, I counted only 5 different fish in them all. This dude even bullcrapped a popular fishing magazine and they done an article in it with him telling all about how to catch big cats in the Ohio.. lmao.... This guy lives here in my county even.
    Ever seen someone post a picture of a 20 pound fish and say it was a 30 pounder?:roll_eyes: cant fool me man especially when it comes to flattie pics... I've been fishin' way too long lmao.:tounge_out:
  9. cat-tracker

    cat-tracker New Member

    Hey Jack, disregard my signature on this one but here is my 2 cents. They say a picture speaks a thousand words but now days you can even edit pictures to look authentic. The only person you are cheating is yourself. I like to hear the story behind the catch, usually you know if it's true. Look at the world record flathead, he has a picture but his story sounds real fishy.JMO:confused2:
  10. preshrd3cpy

    preshrd3cpy New Member

    Cat-tracker has a point. The story is always better then just a picture but when there put together it all falls together.
  11. TheRiverRat

    TheRiverRat Member

    well lets put it this way , i always carry a camera and always take pics of my fish and yall know that.... but if i got on and said i caght a 55lb flat head in the ohio with no pic would yall believe me?... i have alot of doubt when someone says they catch a very large fish and dont provide a pic about it...especially if they dont provide a story on it, i know when i catch a really big fish im pumped for the rest of the day and always want to tell how it happened in great detail.........RAT
  12. kvillcat

    kvillcat New Member

    Kernersville, Nc
    Well my wife is a professional photographer and with some of the programs she uses if she wanted to put me holding a world record fish you would be hard pressed to tell it was a fake. That being said I feel if you have to lie about you skills or trophies then you are truely only lieing to yourself:sad2:. And that is truely sad:sad2:

  13. Pip

    Pip New Member

    i'm not a big picture taker. I take more pictures of people who go out with me then of my own catches. i enjoy seeing the pictures and videos people post, but I don't get overly judgemental. Meaning I don't start weighing the fish in the picture to see if it is what they say it is. To me, I don't need to prove myself to others if I catch a big fish. that is not why I fish. I fish for my own enjoyment. If somebody doubts me that fine, I can always take them out and let them see for their selves what is out there.

    Seems sometimes guys might try to weigh a fish to with-in a lb or 2 by looking at a picture. But it's only guessing at best only from looking at a picture. Especially taking into consideration different angles, distance, how the fish is held and what not. There is a lot of variables that come into play. I'm lucky if I can get within 10 lbs of the weight just by looking at a picture. But on the flipside of things there might be a couple people out there that feel they have to prove something to everybody else about their abilities to land they big one. To each there own, I just don't try to get caught up in how big a fish is by the picture alone.
  14. 320hotrod

    320hotrod New Member

    I have a tendency to believe what most everyone says, and that's not always a good thing. It probably stems from the fact that I cannot effectively lie myself. I've never been very good at it. I very rarely carry a camera, other than my phone, because I see no reason for someone not to believe what I tell them. The pictures are nice to see, but the story behind it is usually where its at.
  15. hunted

    hunted New Member

    washington court house,oh
    i usually don't doubt someone,less they give me the reason to doubt them.

    a blind hog finds an acorn every once in a while.....
  16. bigkane

    bigkane New Member

    Ashland, K
    IMO seeing is believing. That puts all doubt out the door:wink:
  17. Spider

    Spider New Member

    Hamburg, PA
    Unless someone would give me good reason not to believe them, I'd take then at their word. At least here I would.
  18. flathunter

    flathunter New Member

    Personally for me a picture means everthing, on the fish I catch.

    I want a picture of all my decent catches, not for proof, but to be able to see the fish years latter gives me alot of satisfation.

    I always have my camera with me, there has only been a couple times I forgot it, when I realized that I had left my camera at home I stopped fishing.
  19. hank55

    hank55 New Member

    I just could not lie about my own catch , , it just wouldnt feel right,so I still try to get a photo to go along with the my fish story.

    I have a lot of doubt about a lot of people, and a few that I always believe.

    I have noticed that a lot of catfish weigh 40-45-50-55-60 pounds, 50 and 60 seem real popular, where are all the ones that weigh 48 , 52 and 59 pounds
  20. Iablue

    Iablue New Member

    I carry a digital with me all the time in the boat, just never have any pics to take:sad2: But seriously, although I enjoy seeing pics on this site, I don't know these people personally, so I can choose whether to believe or not. If they are lying what have they gained? If they are telling the truth what have they gained? Nothing, with me anyway!
    I would get more joy out of my friends in this area to see the pics and believe, than on this site. Now if I only had some pictures to show.:embarassed: