Picture Log. "Great Learning Tool"

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    I posted this on another post but thought I would break it out, and give a little more info on what I do..

    A good idea for anyone who wants to keep up with there fishing trips,get a digital camera" does not have to be hi-dollar but you need one that has a timer build in for thoses self pics", and keep a Picture Log of all there trips,

    I try to take a pic of all the fish that come on my boat or if im with a friend, When I get home make a new folder and name it the with the date of the trip and any above average info from the trip such as my PB or friends PB's
    Now I have a visual record of the trip, I take all these pics and put them in a common folder so I have a running log of all my fishing trips, you know they say a pic is worth a thousand words, well from this info I can tell where I was, what day I was there , How the fishing trip went, Who was with me, Who caught what, What time of year what was biting, and how often I get to fish which is never enough, It will show that YOU are progressing as a fisherman, when the trips and fish are getting better, :wink:..

    For the guys who keeps up with all the deatails of his fishing trip, this is a great learning tool, after a while you start to build a referance of what is going on around the water you fish..
    Give it a try its also a blast to look back on all ther memories and big fish "hopefully"..:smile2:

    PS, and for the fishing nut, You can link the pics folder to your screen saver for a slide show of all your fish, when your screen saver is on...


    I,ve been keeping logs for a lot of years.Just entered the computer age this year.I,m in the process of scanning all my photos into my files.I still write it in manually into my book at the end of the night though,guess I could put it all into my computer,but old habits die hard!:wink: